President Allocates $371 Million for Truck Safety

President Bush is putting an emphasis on truck safety as his proposed 2003 budget shows with a request for $371 million for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

The request is an increase of $32 million from 2002. The increase comes largely as funds designated to improve inspection compliance along the southern U.S. border. FMCSA is in the midst of opening the border to Mexican trucks, and the Bush administration is asking Congress for $47 million for border inspection infrastructure and $68 million for onsite inspections of Mexican carriers in Mexico.

Another $190 million will go to states to help with inspections and safety programs.

The budget also earmarks monies to the Research and Special Programs Administration, including $24 million to improve the safety of hazardous materials transportation and $14 million to train hazardous materials responders and improve response plans.