Searching for His Spot on Music Row

Different Point Of View
Rick Ferrell

There’s a fast-food chain whose slogan is “Different Is Good.” For new artist Rick Ferrell, another Buckeye State native, being different is not the best compliment. The guy has a voice that’s rather annoying, and that’s not the best trait to have if you want to be a singer. “I want to step out of line and have my own identity, rather than follow what others have done,” he says. Ferrell became a bit of a hot commodity in the last few months after he wrote the No. 1 smash, “Something Like That,” for Tim McGraw.

Working with legendary producer and record label boss James Stroud, Ferrell’s 12-tune tapestry is centered on love, or the loss of it. Give the guy credit; he had a hand in writing all of the songs, and he wrote five of them all by himself. In the song “Lucky Man,” he talks about going past a truckstop. The best track is the album’s title song. This heartbreaking song is definitely worth a play. “See The World With You” and “I’ll Always Love That Girl” are notable as well. Otherwise, the rest of the cuts are annoying and uneventful.
Grade: C-

Let’s Get Together
Dickey Betts

Allman Brothers Band legend Dickey Betts is reinvigorated with his first solo effort since 1988. For more than 30 years, Betts played lead guitar and sang for the immortal Southern Rock (or Progressive Rock as Betts calls it) group. Through the decades, Betts has ebbed and flowed with the cultural and musical climate. Though he may not party as hard today as he did in the ’70s, his music is as hard as ever.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member picks a mean guitar, and you’ll hear it loud and proud on Let’s Get Together. The disc starts with the mover “Rave On.” Betts’ soft side shows on “Dona Maria,” a song for his wife. The eerie “Tombstone Eyes,” also written by Betts, is on display. Despite the ABB making $40 million, the group went broke. Now, the veteran knows the business of music, and he enjoys making and playing it – as evidenced by Let’s Get Together. If you’re a rocker, you’ll love this gem!
Grade: A-

Young Buck
Buck Owens

Country Music Hall of Famer Buck Owens and his Bakersfield sound helped broaden country music in the late 20th century. The Texas native moved west as a young adult and started a musical journey that made him a legend. This 21-song smorgasbord is released in conjunction with the Country Music Hall of Fame, and it is a great addition for vintage music enthusiasts.

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The early recording history of Owens is cloudy with disputes over tiny labels and recording rights. Nevertheless, this collection compiles the 1955-1956 pre-Capitol Records songs that Buck laid to acetate, and they are the first solo recordings of his career. Great songs here that were later re-recorded and familiarized are “Hot Dog” and “There Goes My Love.”
Grade: B-

Tammy Cochran
Tammy Cochran

“Perseverance” describes new artist Tammy Cochran. The blonde beauty has been sitting on go for a long time with her record deal, and finally, after a long time, her record is out. The Ohio native came to Music City 10 years ago to try her hand at the biz.

The song that’s garnered Cochran attention, “Angels In Waiting,” was actually a tune that was intentionally included on the project as an album cut and was never to be released as a single. However, listeners to Cochran’s self-portrait were awed by the powerful, self-written, true story of her two older brothers’ struggle with cystic fibrosis. Sadly, both brothers died of their illness many years ago, but “Angels In Waiting” keeps their memory alive. This song is another example of why country music is more than entertainment. The pedal steel takes spotlight in “If You Can,” a soulful weeper. This lady may not be the next superstar, but her vocal delivery and love of country music certainly give her country credibility.
Grade: B

The Complete Cadence Recordings 1957-1960
The Everly Brothers

No matter who you are, there’s an Everly Brothers song on this phenomenal package that’ll make your feet bounce up and down in the rig. Phil and Don were two of the biggest acts that ever hit the recording music industry. This is a tremendous collection of their biggest hits, with 47 cuts on two CDs.

The Kentucky natives crossed over musical formats in the late ’50s, catching the ear of teenyboppers and rocking chair lovers alike. On disc one, the timeless original recordings of “Bye Bye Love,” “Wake Up Little Susie,” “All I Have To Do Is Dream” and “Bird Dog” are presented. Five previously unreleased Everly Brothers songs are also included here; four of these are original Cadence demos. Disc two includes the original hits “Problems,” “Take A Message To Mary,” “(‘Til) I Kissed You,” and “Let It Be Me.” The Everly Brothers’ upbeat, fun sound stands the test of time.
Grade: A

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