Border Fairness

I think that Mexican trucks entering the country is good and bad. If truckers cross the border to do business farther than 50 miles, the DOT should stop them and inspect the truck, log books, driver condition and bills. Get tough and don’t let them sneak by.
Joe Kennedy
Indian Head, Md.

More Trucker Channels Needed

Because of the growth in trucking, one CB channel, Channel 19, is no longer sufficient. I’d like your help in promoting two new channels.

Channel 21 could be designated for Christian truckers and as a family channel for those who don’t care for profanity and unprofessional behavior. Channel 23 could be designated for Spanish-speaking truckers who will soon pour into the United States.

This way, everyone will have a place to talk and pass on information.
James Foster
Zwolle, La.

Remember When . . .

Remember when driving a truck was a respectable, professional position? Remember when all drivers would wave to each other out of respect? Remember when a load from California to New York paid $7,000? Some of us do.

Remember when stopping at a truckstop meant good food and priority service for the driver? Remember when coffee was only a dime?

Remember when power steering was almost nonexistent? Remember when some trucks had only air-assisted steering? Remember when seats were low-backed vinyl ones that were operated by a mechanism without air? Remember when a good CB could be purchased for $20? Remember when a driver carried a spare, hydraulic jack and lug wrench and changed his own tires along the roadside?

Remember when if you were along the side of any highway other drivers actually stopped to offer assistance? Remember when a broken throttle spring put the actuating rod wide open? Remember when trucks did not have computer controls?

Times have indeed changed and for many of us all we can do is – remember.
Ty K. Botsford
Zephyrhills, Fla.

Hold It a Few Steps Longer

Why do so many drivers use the parking lot as a urinal? Wasn’t the flowing of raw sewage the cause of the spread of plagues in Europe? If a driver can drive for 300 miles without stopping, why can’t he make it to the restroom?

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We should police ourselves instead of having laws placed against every move we make. Maybe it’s time to turn in drivers for their unclean actions. Call the driver’s company. Tell the truckstop managers. Let’s put an end to this nastiness before health officials figure out how widespread a problem it is.
Roland Caston
Mineola, Texas

Drivers Help on the Road

I think that truck drivers are getting a bad name for false reasons. For example, everybody says that drivers do not care what happens on the road to people who are traveling. I was driving from Arizona to Maryland, and I was just about to give up hope when a driver heard me on the CB getting teased by a couple of other drivers after I explained that I had a family emergency involving my mom.

This trucker went out of his way to help me. He was very late by the time we got to Greencastle, Pa. Other truck drivers who had gone through the hassle of breaking down or had emergencies were nice enough to pitch in enough money to make sure that I could catch a bus to Maryland.

Please respect the truck drivers of America because you never know when you’re going to need their help.
Adrian Mendolia
Ruther Glen, Va.

Too Young for Big Rigs

I’ve been a truck driver for 11 years, and I just saw a report on WFTV, Channel 9 in Orlando, Fla., that has my blood boiling. The report was on a bill that will drop the legal driving age from 21 to 18 for CDL holders.

I carry a Class “A” CDL with all endorsements except passenger. I can’t believe they would allow someone who barely has any experience with a car to operate a vehicle weighing up to 80,000 pounds. I’ve seen many deaths over the years where teenagers are distracted by many things, like blaring radios.

This bill was brought to Congress by other truckers in the United States. Personally, I do not know of any trucker out there who would want an 18-year-old behind the wheel of a big rig.

I’m appalled by this whole story. I know there are many truckers out there who feel the same way I do about this issue.
Stephen J. Davis
Casselberry, Fla.

Watch Out for Your Pets

I want to warn drivers who have pets traveling with them of a real danger in their trucks that they probably have never thought about. My truck has power windows with the switches mounted on the door, instead of on the dashboard.

On a warm, muggy night in Texas, I stopped at a small truckstop to get something to eat. I left my truck running with the air conditioner on and the windows up so that my cat would stay comfortable.

When I returned to my truck about 30 minutes later, I opened the door and found him hanging from the passenger-side window. My boyfriend and I couldn’t
save him.

I’ll never know what happened, but I guess he stepped on the switch, the window went down, he stuck his head out to look and stepped on the switch again.

I can’t get my cat back, but if I can save another pet’s life by warning other owners of this danger, it will help relieve some of my guilt over his senseless death.

Please be careful with your pets while traveling.
Sandra Tilton
Parsippany, N.J.