Big Boy Toys

Country music singer Aaron Tippin, who is known as the spokesman for the working man by many fans, is a working man himself. He collects old trucks, mostly Macks, and uses them on his farm in Smithville, Tenn.

Tippin’s collection consists of 13 trucks – nine are Macks – and two semi-trailers. His trucks include: a 1970 Chevrolet, 1961 and 1974 Ford dump trucks, a 1947 Mack tractor, three Mack B-61s, a Mack B-67, two Mack H-67 tractors, and a 1961 Mustang dump truck.

Tippin has a collection of old trucks at his farm in Smithville, Tenn.

He often builds and renovates around his farm so his trucks are used quite often. Tippin hopes to restore the trucks one day, but he says he’ll have to stop working them first.

“They’re tough old trucks and work good,” he says. “We’ll have to stop using them to be able to restore them. But that is a goal I have.”

He started his collection with a Mack B-42 dump truck that he purchased to help move dirt and rock on the farm. He fell in love with the Mack and his collection of trucks grew.

“It had two shifters and was real cool,” Tippin says. “After that I started looking around. If I saw an old one in a ditch covered with weeds, I’d find out who owned it and either buy it, or sometimes they’d let me drag it off.”