Cargo Bracing Bar

The Save-A-Load Z-Bar is made with high-strength aircraft aluminum, making it the strongest load bar available, according to the company. It weighs only 8.8 pounds. It is designed to operate in temperatures from minus 35 degrees to 160 degrees. The sealed hydraulic system contains bio-safe FDA-approved antifreeze and has a preset automatic relief valve that bypasses when the maximum safe force is reached. One size fits all trailers from 83 to 114 inches.

Save-A-Load, Inc.
(800) 728-5623

Underbed Boxes

Jobox white steel underbed boxes provide a wide rain gutter that surrounds the entire door opening to channel water away from the interior, creating superior weather resistance. The boxes also offer a long-life, automotive-style bulb, and EPDM neoprene weatherstripping surrounds the door opening to seal out moisture, dust and dirt. The boxes come in several sizes and lengths, and have 12-gauge cold-rolled steel doors and 14-gauge bodies. The door is locked in three places by a stainless steel rotating T-handle and is equipped with heavy-duty cold-rolled 3/4-inch steel hinges and full 1/2-inch stainless steel hinge pins.

Delta Consolidated Industries
(877) 866-3063

Smart Check

DL Manufacturing’s Smart Chock enhances safety for loading dock operations and helps industries comply with OSHA regulations. Once the chock is placed in front of the wheel of the parked truck, photo eyes built into the chock handle and base sense if the wheel is safely chocked. On a panel inside the dock, red and green LED lights then show when it is safe to load. A bright flashing beam directed at the driver’s mirror indicates when loading is in progress or when the wheel is not safely chocked.

DL Manufacturing
(315) 463-7348

18-Wheeler Club

The 18-Wheeler Club attaches to any steering wheel. When in use the anti-theft device comes in contact with the windshield, seat and door, making any semi, bus, or R.V. undriveable. The 18-Wheeler Club comes with a guarantee to reimburse your insurance deductible for up to $500 if your vehicle is stolen while using the device.

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Heated Wipers

Thermoblade heated windshield wipers prevent snow and ice from forming on the wiper and frame. The blade and frame reach temperatures of over 176 degrees, melting snow and ice. The heated wiper conforms to the windshield, improving wiper performance. Also included are waterproof quick connectors and adapters that fit almost any wiper arm.

Specialty Manufacturing Co.
(800) 951-7867

Air Daddy

The Air Daddy is a high-pressure blower that can be used for cleaning a workbench, tools or the inside of a truck. It also provides rapid inflation of rafts, boats, air mattresses and other inflatables. It comes with two adapters for small and large inflation holes, and adapts to an air pump at a service station, a portable air compressor or a bicycle pump. The Air Daddy is easy to grip in the palm of the hand and can be stored in a glove compartment or toolbox.

MT Synergy
(866) 247-3239

Vantraax Slider

The Vantraax ramp-ready slider is a 46,000-pound-capacity slider system that installs on any trailer using standard body rails with 4- or 6-inch pin spacing. The device accepts ramps that install in a 30-inch-wide and 6-1/2-inch-tall space. The slider incorporates the Intraax air suspension system and patented K-2 slider technology for exceptional durability with class-leading weight savings, the company says.

(866) RIDE AIR

Fleet-Specific Parts CD

Peterbilt Motors Company offers a fleet-specific electronic parts catalog on CD-ROM to fleet participants of its TruckCare services program. According to Scott Pearson, Peterbilt general marketing manager, the TruckCare Fleet ECAT contains parts listings and drawings for all trucks a customer may have in his fleet.

Peterbilt says the electronic parts catalog saves time when technicians identify parts needed for repairs or maintenance, since the CD doesn’t only include parts needed for that fleet. The ECAT also contains engine parts information for each specific truck.

Started in 1995, TruckCare includes the free customer assistance call center, a service charge card, quick lube service, managed preventive maintenance program, computerized parts inventory systems and the ECAT.

The call center represents the backbone of the system, handling an average of 1,200 calls a day. Clevinger said 60 percent of calls the center receives request roadside breakdown assistance, while the remaining 40 percent are for scheduling maintenance or information such as dealer locations.

According to Dick Von Lehman, national sales and marketing manager, service for Paccar Parts, about 2,500 vehicles are registered in the TruckCare managed maintenance program. The program can be tailored to meet a fleet’s specific needs, Von Lehman said, and features PM and unscheduled maintenance, priority service, consistent pricing throughout Peterbilt’s service provider network, consolidated billing, service-due reminders and web-based reporting.

Fleets can access password-protected web reports on scheduled maintenance or maintenance cost histories for each vehicle in the fleet.

Peterbilt Motors Company

Justin Workboots

Justin Original Workboots’ new hunting boot has a camouflaged mossy oak Cordura top that resists punctures and tears. It has seam-sealed waterproof construction for added durability and comfort, and the lacer style has 400-gram Thinsulate insulation for added warmth. The hunting boot offers a padded T-bar collar for added ankle support.

The two-tone boot combines the appearance of a cowboy boot with the function and comfort of a work boot. The boot comes in leather combinations that include an aged bark vamp with a black Odessa top and a bay traction vamp with an aged bark top.

Justin Brands
(800) 3-JUSTIN

Car Wash Guys

Contrary to the name, Car Wash Guys washes more than cars; they can wash an entire fleet of trucks as well as equipment and properties such as tanks, parking areas and garage bays. The service is provided on location. Car Wash Guys also washes individual owner-operators’ trucks and does detailing. The company uses reverse-osmosis water, not deionized water, to help protect clearcoats.

Car Wash Guys
(888) WASH GUY