In What Ways Have the Terrorist Attacks United America?

John Zumwalt
Dupre Transport
Hammond, La.

More people are flying the flag. It is strange that it takes a special circumstance to make people patriotic. If you are going to be patriotic, be patriotic at all times.

Bob Tucker
USA Trucking
Arlington, Texas

I was there two days before the attack. I think it made everybody aware of the freedom that can be lost. People are afraid of what could happen. It also made many people aware of how patriotic they really are. We can’t take freedom for granted.

George Roberts
Crete Carriers
Tucson, Ariz.

It has brought everybody closer together regardless of religion or race. It is time for us to continue to stand together and support our president.

James Lowly

James Lowly

It’s hard to say because we haven’t seen the full effect. But what it has done, it has made America realize we need to get together.

Freddie Tucker
Wewahitchka, Fla.

We are united in almost every way that’s possible. Everyone seems willing to stick together. Also, I think everyone agrees that something needs to be done and our military can do it.

Bill Gorman
Fayetteville, N.C.

Many people are united, but there are still many people that don’t care. I am glad it woke us up and made us realize we need to work together.

John Baggett
Walterboro, S.C.

We’ve all pulled together and we think more of our loved ones than we did in the past.

Michael Ruffin
Fastway Systems
Augusta, Ga.

Everything is going to change a lot, and it will get better.

Bob Martindale

Bob Martindale
USA Trucking
Gore, Okla.

Now that our country has been threatened, I believe everybody appreciates not only the symbol of this country, but also what it stands for.

Ray Coon
Joplin, Mo.

It kind of woke everyone up. We forget how vulnerable we can be. I hope they don’t let it drag on for years.

Bill Maloney
Rye, N.Y.

It has affected the economy all the way down. It’s going to be a landslide effect. I live about 20 miles outside of New York City, and the whole immediate area has been affected, especially the hazmat hauling. The attack is just a bad scene altogether, and it is going to have a long-term effect. I do believe that in the end, our economy will come back stronger and the terrorists will not win.

Steve Alfred
Elkhart, Texas

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Something I’ve never seen, it has brought everyone together.

Paul Navey
Cleveland, N.C.

Everyone has come together and united.

Gary Montgomery
Clinton, Tenn.

It has put my family in turmoil. Every adult member of my immediate family is in the military.

James Hancock
Philadelphia, Miss.

Everybody is coming together. Democrats and Republicans are working together. The attack has had a very strong impact on the trucking industry. There is not as much moving because there is no freight to haul.

Don Johnson
Southeastern Transport

It has made everybody think along the same lines. We have sold many flags. Business has slowed down, so there are fewer trucks on the road. Everyone is praying and hugging their wives and kids.

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