All-Steel Platform Trailer

The all-steel Transcraft TL 2000 is a strong, lightweight platform trailer with superbeams rated for a load capacity of 65,000 pounds in 4 feet or 70,000 pounds in 10 feet. The TL 2000 is available in 42-, 45-, 48- and 53-foot lengths and 96- and 102-inch widths. The trailer features a range of lightweight aluminum options, including side rails, wheels, floor and hubs. A two-axle, wheel-sensing ABS is standard on the TL 2000, with extended-service brake linings for maximum life.

(800) 950-2995

Industrial-Size Foot Warmer

The industrial-size foot warmer, an electric heating mat, radiates thermostat-controlled warmth to a 3-foot-long area. The size allows freedom of movement to keep workers warm while at work. The foot warmer is waterproof, sealed and insulated, and can be plugged into any standard 110v AC outlet. The mat’s beveled edges allow for easy chair, dolly and creeper roll on/off access. The foot warmer comes in two sizes: 16 by 36 inches and 14 by 21 inches.

(312) 226-2473

14-Channel Hand-held Radio

The Family Radio Service Model F-12 radio is the world’s smallest 14-channel FRS radio with 38 sub-codes that help eliminate unwanted talk from other radios. The water-resistant radio has UH-FM transmission that supplies precision detailed sound up to 2 miles away and comes equipped with clear output power for maximum range. The F-12 also features eVOX easy voice activation.

Midland Consumer Radio
(816) 241-8500

Engine Shutdown Device

The Smiths GEM 2000 microprocessor-based engine monitoring and shutdown system is designed to activate a warning or shutdown sequence when it senses a fault or setpoint within an engine system. The small and lightweight microprocessor monitors critical internal-combustion engine and powertrain systems for coolant temperature, transmission temperature, oil pressure and engine overspeed. The optional engine overspeed model is designed to activate a shutdown sequence within seconds after the engine setpoint has been exceeded.

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LED Dome and Back-up Lamps

Truck-Lite’s two white LED lamps, the LED Model 44 dome lamp and the LED Model 44 back-up lamp, have been designed to distribute white illumination to improve visibility. Both the dome lamp and the back-up lamp were designed at 13.5 volts; the dome lamp is designed at .5 amp and the back-up is at .25 amp for a one-lamp system, .5 amp for a two-lamp system. Both are available in grommet- or flanged-mount versions and use the Fit ‘N Forget connector plug for extra reliability. They have sealed polycarbonate lens and housing designs that evenly distribute light for a full and powerful illumination pattern. Each lamp features a new slim housing design.

(800) 562-5012

Low-Rider Seat

The Low-Rider offers an air-suspension system that provides several inches of air cushioning at the same height at which a normal seat would sit in a deflated position. It features a fore and aft suspension (Isolator), thick and soft seat cushions, FAS (Foam Adjustment System) which includes four-way air-lumbar support, infinite back recline and a seat cushion extension. The Low-Rider has universal mounting and fits any Class 8 truck.

Knoedler Manufacturers
(616) 969-7722

Windshield Wiper Heater

The Northwind wiper heater warms wiper blades through the windshield via two direct-contact radiant strips. The heating strips adhere directly to the inside of the glass opposite the parked wiper blades, quickly thawing the blades and glass around them. The Northwind’s heating elements are sealed in a clear, tough Mylar material and do not interfere with the driver’s line of sight. Installation involves a simple 12-volt cigarette lighter connection and two peel-and-stick radiant strips. The device also prevents wiper blade hydroplaning in rain.

Mirror Lite Co.
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