Deaton Answers Pentagon's Call

The site of the World Trade Center was not the only destination for truckers and rescue workers immediately following the Sept. 11 attacks. They also rushed to Washington, D.C., where another hijacked plane had plunged into the Pentagon

Deaton Trucking, headquartered in Birmingham, Ala., with satellite offices in Maryland, responded to the Pentagon with construction supplies, as workers sought to stabilize the building and expedite rescue efforts.

“Someone from the Pentagon called the vice president of Home Depot, and they called us,” said Susan Wolfe, fleet manager and dispatcher for Deaton’s Maryland office. “We sent truckers to Home Depot stores. They loaded up, and a Home Depot employee escorted them to the Pentagon.”

The trucks were loaded with pressure-treated lumber, which was used to stabilize damaged portions of the Pentagon.

Wolfe said Deaton sent three owner-operator-driven trucks in response to the call for help. Dale Atkinson, Rocky Day and Donald Jensen, all of Maryland, responded to the call.

“We were happy to help,” Wolfe said. “These guys really pulled together. They are great – we have the best drivers.”

Deaton regularly delivers loads in the Maryland area for Home Depot. Wolfe said efforts at the Pentagon were proceeding smoothly Sept. 14.

“It’s a real organized group effort, especially with as many people as they have there,” she said.