Eagle II Trailer

In observance of its 40 years in business, Transcraft Corp. unveiled the new Eagle II flatbed trailer in September at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas. The lightweight aluminum and steel combo trailer is focused toward the fleet buyer, according to Transcraft President and CEO David dePoincy. The Eagle II weighs approximately 10,030 pounds for a 48-foot, 102-inch model, or about 300 pounds more than the Eagle, introduced in 1993. The trailer features steel rather than aluminum cross members, steel wheels and additional cross members in the lower frame. According to Transcraft, the design helps eliminate fatigue cracks that plagued older models in the suspension area. A new wiring harness carries a five-year warranty and the trailer comes standard with single-axle wheel-sensing ABS and extended-
service brake linings.

Transcraft Corp.
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Rust Prevention

RustBustR is a 2-by-3-inch brick that combines a zinc alloy with a strong magnet and is attached to the inside frame/panel of a vehicle by an electrically conductive adhesive. The product targets the detrimental oxidation process of metals and helps deter it before rust can form, using a method called “cathodic protection.” The RustBustR sells for $49.95.

Gemco Enterprises
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Fuel Economizer

The Universal Fuel Economizer saves an average of 18 to 22 percent of fuel for Class 8 trucks by causing engines to run more efficiently, resulting in increased miles per gallon with less engine hesitation. The fuel mix is not altered, so there is no engine damage and emissions are reduced.

Global Trading Solutions
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Brake Indicator

The SureStroke indicator from Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems is a visual-gauge device that measures brake stroke travel length, allowing operators to quickly determine if the vehicle’s air brakes are adjusted correctly. The Bendix SureStroke indicator consists of a metal bracket that bolts onto the brake chamber; a pre-measured reference unit that attaches to the bracket; a replacement clevis pin; two yellow pin covers that establish the acceptable limits for stroke length; a red clevis pin pointer which is attached to the slack adjuster; and various hardware. If the brakes are adjusted properly, the red pointer will align with the center of the rear yellow marker when the air brakes are applied between 90-100 psi. The device is available in two universal formats, one for power units, trucks and buses, and another for trailers. The pre-measured reference unit comes in 2-1/2-, 2- and 1-3/4-inch sizes to accommodate various brake chamber sizes.

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Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems

Coolant Heater

The WC40 coolant heater by Webb is an auxiliary coolant heater designed to keep the engine and bunk area warm during off-road hours without costly idling. The unit can be mounted on the tractor and plumbed into the existing coolant and fuel system. The WC40 has a minimal fuel consumption rate and draws only 3.3 amps of power from the electrical system. It includes a field-proven burner technology with a remote control panel that can be surface-mounted on the cab for interior operator convenience.

(800) 728-9322


Safety Wheel Nut

The Disc-Lock safety wheel nut is a vibration- and shock-proof lug nut that virtually eliminates the risk of wheel loss from trucks, trailers and buses. The Disc-Lock safety wheel nut is as easy to install and remove as a conventional lug nut, but it has a positive locking system in the form of rising cams, which are joined together to form one assembly. All leading axle manufacturers accept the device. Both Hendrickson Europe and BPW Limited fit Disc-Lock safety wheel nuts as an optional extra to their axles.

Disc-Lock International
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Flat-Resistant Tire

Uniroyal’s Laredo HD/T light-duty truck tire with NailGard fights downtime by plowing through mud and snow and cutting back on flats. As an object punctures the tire tread, it is coated with the patented NailGard sealant, preventing air loss. When the object is removed, air pressure pushes the NailGard sealant into the hole in the tread. The tire is instantly and permanently sealed. The new tire is also designed to take on the worst mud and snow conditions. It bears the Rubber Manufacturers Association’s “severe snow tire” traction rating.

Uniroyal Tire

Air Control Kit

Hendrickson International’s new lift axle air control kit is a compact air-control system that will fit in any open DIN slot in the dash. The kit provides airflow of 31.7 cfm, which is a 68 percent improvement from the current system. Higher airflow provides faster axle response when air controls are activated. The kit’s measurements are 7-1/4 by 2-3/8 inches. It is available in inside and outside-the-cab versions.

(800) 660-2829 or (800) 660-2843


Privacy Shades

Universal Privacy Shades are made of durable, lightweight Tyvek material and fit windshields up to 62 inches. They are ideal for Class 8 trucks, pick-up trucks, vans and RVs. The product is washable and printable and is easily installed using suction cups with clips that attach to the windshield, requiring no tools. When not in use, the Universal Privacy Shade can be folded and stored in the glove box. The shades come in five different designs and can be personalized with a company logo.

Universal Privacy Shades, Inc.