Calendar Girl

Most of Tamera Sturgis’ days are spent behind the wheel of a truck, backing up to drop a load and traveling down the interstate to the next stop. When Tamera climbs out of the cab of her truck, she likes to dress up and look pretty, and sometimes dabbles in modeling.

Her interest in modeling, along with her beauty and personality, landed her the title of Miss February in G. Gordon Liddy’s new calendar, “Stacked & Packed.” The calendar’s theme is the right to bear arms and to bare a pretty body, also.

The contestants are judged on their body, hair, legs, face, how photogenic they are and overall personality. Liddy began the calendar seven years ago to outrage liberals.

“They [liberals] can’t stand pretty ladies in their underwear with firearms,” he says. “It made them foam at the mouth.”

Tamera and her husband, Todd, of Marysville, Calif., are owner-operators who have spent the last seven years driving as a team. Tamera, who does all of the backing, is pictured in red in the calendar, beside her white 2001 Freightliner. Beside her picture a caption states, “The roar of the Detroit Diesel 60 Series 460 as she drops a gear to pull a 6 percent grade in the hammer lane is what thrills her most!”

Tamera Sturgis holds the title of Miss February in the ‘Stacked & Packed’ calendar.

One day when Todd, 31, was driving, he heard about Liddy’s contest. He wasn’t going to tell his wife that he was entering her in the contest, but decided he needed to take some new pictures of her. In the pictures he sent to Liddy, Tamera, 32, was dressed like Daisy Duke from the TV show “The Dukes of Hazzard,” and held a 12-gauge shotgun.

“When he told me, I laughed at him,” Tamera says. “He’s always trying to elevate me. I was up for it though, but found it a little funny. In 1999, he and I put together a retro calendar. We’d planned to have other lady truckers in it, but there was a lack of response. I ended up posing for all 12 months.”

Liddy’s radio show is broadcast to 170 markets. He’s written three best-sellers and is a motion picture and TV actor. One of his regular acting roles is on “18 Wheels of Justice,” in which he plays a villain.

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“I always play dreadful villains,” Liddy says. “I love it because I don’t have to act.”

His acting, along with his radio show and his past experience with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, has given Liddy a great respect for truckers.

“They have a difficult job and do it well and professionally,” he says. “My show has a huge audience of truckers.”

Todd and Tamera work six days a week and don’t have a lot of leisure time. He thought it would be a project they could work on together and have fun with.

“I really liked the pictures and the photographer made good-quality photographs showing the total beauty of my wife,” Todd says. “I knew my wife was beautiful, but these pictures make her look like a supermodel.”

Out of 500 contestants, Liddy’s committee picked 20 contestants for Liddy to choose from. The show hired professional photographers to take pictures of the women. When Liddy saw Tamera’s pictures he called her at home and told her he was captivated with her beauty and the fact that she drove a truck.

“I felt honored,” Tamera says. “It’s great to be part of the calendar. He asked me to call into his show the next morning and that was fun too.”

Liddy says the women were so beautiful that he couldn’t narrow it down to just 12 finalists, so the calendar is a 15-month calendar. He flew the finalists to Nashville, Tenn., and Washington, D.C., for autograph signings.

Tamera, a part-time model, was also featured in this 1999 calendar.

“Tamera is absolutely gorgeous,” Liddy says. “She has a wonderful personality and an unusual occupation. She’s the most beautiful trucker I’ve ever seen.”

At those events, calendar buyers could pay an additional $20 fee to have all the girls and Liddy sign up to 10 calendars for each person. Those fees go to a charity each year, and this year’s proceeds went to the Pentagon Relief Fund.

“I love my country and am lucky to be a woman born in America,” Tamera says. “I’m proud to be part of something that’s helping victims financially. I don’t know how else to help since I’m so far away.”

Tamera and Todd bought their first home last year after living out of their truck for five years. Most people have a difficult time believing Tamera is a trucker, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I love being a truck driver,” she says. “It changed my life and I loved every part of it. It financially changed our life, and I’ve seen parts of our country that I wouldn’t have traveled to on my own.”

The calendar can be purchased on Liddy’s website at or by calling (800) 737-1808.

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