What Is Your Best Winter Driving Tip?

Alice Lang
Welborn Transport
Aliceville, Ala.

Safety. Proceed with caution. Always be alert.

Wilson Kidd
Elyria, Ohio

Don’t do it.

Les Elkins
Shelman & Sons Trucking
Hedrick, Iowa

Anytime it is bad enough for chains, you don’t need to be driving.

Tom Lovett

Tom Lovett
Okeana, Ohio

Beware of black ice. If there is ice on the back of your mirrors, there will be ice on the road.

Mark Richards
Joseph Eltto
Greentown, Pa.

Stay off your brakes.

Wayne Roberts

Stay home.

Henry Reynolds
J.B. Hunt
Greenville, Texas

If it’s slick, don’t drive.

James O’Quinn

James O’Quinn
C. Bean Transport

Slow down. If they need it today, they’ll need it worse tomorrow.

Carolyn Gaston
Union City, Tenn.

Slow down.

Chris Martens
Arrow Trucking
Hendrix, Okla.

Drive slow. Pull over if you have to, and wait for the roads to be salted. It’s not worth your life.

Cecil Collette
Chattanooga, Tenn.

Stay at home.

Hank Penland
J.B. Hunt
Clearwater, Fla.

Don’t hit your brakes on bridges.

B.J. Conners
Arrow Trucking
Lakeland, Fla.

Avoid it. Don’t drive. There is no freight that can’t be late.