What personal item do you carry with you to remind you of home?

Nathan Harrison
Marten Transport
Abilene, Texas

Necklace from my girlfriend that reads, “Love you always, Barb.”

Rocky Gouveia
McElroy Truck Lines
Clarksville, Tenn.

Bird. It’s my wife’s cockatiel. The bird likes me, not her.

Robby Cheatham
Covenant Transport
Elkon, Ala.

A picture of my son.

Dan Brister
C&W Transport
Cocoa, Fla.

I have a dreamcatcher from my girlfriend. I also carry pictures of my girlfriend and grandkids.

Kenneth Coleman

Kenneth Coleman
Covenant Transport
Hazlehurst, Miss.

Pictures of my mom, girlfriend, cousins, everybody.

Tom Poss
Tignall, Ga.

I carry pictures of my daughter and grandbaby.

Ole Anderson
Oshawa, Ontario Canada

Pictures of my girlfriend. My girlfriend also gave me a teddy bear that guards the truck.

Raymond Pierre
Swainsboro, Ga.

Pictures of my family. I also carry a cell phone so they can call anytime.

Mike Wilburn

Mike Wilburn
Paducah, Ky.

I carry everything but women.

Joe Genne
Locust Grove, Okla.

Everything reminds me of home. My daughter gave me a toy puppy whose head bobs up and down. When I look at that, I think of home.

Alan Harshman
Eagle Motor Lines
Melbourne, Fla.

I’ve had a dog for 13 years. He’s good company, breaks up the monotony, great listener and always agrees.

James Moyers
Cheetah Transport
Hueytown, Ala.

Coffee mug.

Matthew Trabue
Clover, S.C.

Picture of my 8-year-old daughter.

Mike Pangle
Sitton Motor Lines
Weleekta, Okla.

Pictures of my two good-looking boys.