Search for the Truth

The Woman Next Door
Barbara Delinsky
Reviewed by Florinda Darcey
Company driver for Henning Transport
Wanship, Utah

Listening time: 4.5 hours
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Retail: $25
Genre: Mystery/Romance
Plot: In a close-knit neighborhood, people discover that a widow is pregnant. Trying to uncover the father of the child, the neighbors reflect on their own lives and become shocked at the outcome. The book has a surprising ending, which shows that good can sometimes come out of problems.
Main characters: Amanda and Graham are the main characters. They are trying to have a baby, and they and their neighbors all have their own ways of dealing with crises as they arise.
What’s best (or not)? The entire book will hold your attention and interest.
Would you recommend? Yes, especially if the reader enjoys practical books about life.
Narrator’s style: Karen Ziemba did a great job hitting the high and low spots. I never got tired of listening to her voice.
What would you rate the book? B+


Julie Garwood

Like his FBI-agent brother Nick, Theo Buchanan is devoted to his crime-fighting career. Only Theo works the other side of the desk as an esteemed Justice Department attorney. At a gala ceremony in New Orleans, he is suddenly struck ill and is rushed to a hospital, where a brilliant and beautiful surgeon, Dr. Michelle Renard, saves his life. It is not the only life-and-death crisis that will ensnare Theo – for he is about to uncover a ring of criminals bent on preserving their secrecy at any cost. Four white-collar professionals, who call themselves the Sowing Club, have amassed millions of dollars in a Cayman Islands bank account. Nobody is allowed to touch the money until it accumulates to $40 million. But John, the club’s leader, is nearly bankrupt from his wife’s grave illness. John turns to his three friends for help, and for the sake of the pact, their brand of crime must turn to the mercy killing of John’s wife. Theo discovers a chilling scheme to silence Michelle. Michelle saved his life; will he be able to save hers?
4.5 hours
Retail: $25
Simon & Schuster Audio

Walk a Crooked Mile
Catherine Dain

Freddie O’Neal is about to face perhaps her toughest challenge. She has been hired by an unusual client: her mother. Freddie is in search of her birth father, Danny O’Neal. The trail left by Danny and his biker buddies has grown cold with so many years having passed. Freddie discovers more than she is looking for by finding secrets she never expected, deceit she never suspected, and a murder previously undetected. The next death could be hers when she gets close to the truth.
Walk a Crooked Mile
6.5 hours
Retail: $31.96
Books in Motion

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Sharkman Six
Owen West

When Lt. Gavin Kelly’s recon platoon swims ashore to a Mogadishu beach under the glare of hundreds of news camera lights, it is an appropriately surreal beginning to Operation Restore Hope. This modern war is vastly different from the battles Kelly’s father and grandfather fought, and from the young lieutenant’s own experience during Operation Desert Storm. Minutes after the Marines’ celebrated landing, one of Kelly’s men kills an armed Somali bodyguard, and Kelly finds himself in the center of a maelstrom. Kelly is torn between his men, his confusing mission, and the international rules of engagement he has sworn to uphold. As his platoon descends into the lawless, violent underbelly of Somalia, Lt. Kelly must find his own values in a country whose instability opportunes killing at every street corner.
Sharkman Six
6 hours
Retail: $26
Simon & Schuster Audio

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