Interior Lights

Taylorbrite’s UL-listed, high-efficiency interior lights provide brighter illumination, longer life, less heat and lower power draw than other interior lighting systems.

The CCF lights come with stainless-steel bezels, chrome, and a gold or white powder-coated finish. The lights can be surface or flush-mounted.

The lights operate at just above ambient temperature making them safe to place in any location without risk of fire or heat damage. They can also be dimmed for energy savings.

Taylorbrite, LLC

Cell Phone Payment System

Mobile Access Payment System links truckers to vendors by mobile phones. The system allows the user to pay bills, send money, make reservations or pay for gas without accessing credit card numbers or leaving their cab.

MAPS links the subscriber to his or her bank information for electronic payment when initially subscribing to the system.

The system can also be used to notify the user when a mortgage or truck payment is due and when payment for a load hits the trucker’s bank account.

Mobile Access Payment System
(877) 606-6245

Truck Inspection Device

The Truck Iron tool was designed to help driver’s check all major components in a pre/post trip inspection.

The tool’s design allows truckers to check and set all types of brakes, whether manual or automatic slack adjusters.

The Truck Iron also helps the driver to solve common problems such as stuck locking collars and removing the axle bearing inspection cap. The tool can also perform well as a fifth wheel pull.

E.P.I.C. Canada Consulting Ltd.

All-Purpose Lubricant

Valco’s premier lubricant, GelLube, is a light-duty, all around lubricant. It sprays on thin and penetrates quickly, transforming into a heavy-duty, load-bearing, protective gel.

The lubricant does not drip, melt or shift when applied. It bonds to metal surfaces and fills small spaces and crevices on valve springs, cranks, cams, and bearings.

GelLube blends with motor oil and does not restrict oil flow. It also holds up well in severe cold weather applications.

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Truck Storage Device

Graywolf Sleeper System’s storage cabinet for sleepers in Class 8 trucks attaches to the factory installed upper bunk with the use of safety straps. The cabinet is not permanently installed, which allows the storage device to be transferred from a current truck to a new truck.

The single cabinet increases a cab’s storage space by 40 percent and a double cabinet increases the storage space by 60 percent. Clothes are restrained by the netting on the cabinets. The cabinets are constructed of ABS plastic.

Graywolf Sleeper Systems, Inc.
(850) 689-3275

Electronic Fuel Level Sender

WEBB Solid State electronic fuel level senders eliminate the need to continually replace mechanical senders.

They are designed for efficient stand-alone use in medium and light to heavy-duty trucks, transit vehicles, off-road equipment and marine applications.

Standard WEBB Solid State electronic fuel level sender units are available for 0-88 ohm and 240-33 ohm gauges and 13″ to 30″ fuel tanks. Custom sensors are available for different ohm ranges, special applications and other fluids including water.

WEBB Products/Systems

Tapered-Beam INTRAAX

Hendrickson’s Tapered-Beam INTRAAX AANT 23K is 35 pounds lighter than the company’s previous suspension-axle-brake system.

The lighter product allows haulers to carry more cargo on each run. A narrower hanger design allows installation directly to trailer frames with flanges as narrow as four-inches wide.

The tapered-beam INTRAAX AANT boasts a capacity of 23,000 pounds in ride heights from 13.5 to 17 inches.

Hendrickson International

Plastic Fender

The Minimizer 2201 plastic fender is made of high-density polyethylene material and resists chemicals, heat, cold and bumps. The fender works for all Class 7 and 8 truck and trailer applications.

The total weight of the product is only 15 pounds per axle, which provides for a significant weight savings per truck and trailer over steel, stainless or aluminum fenders.

The Minimizer helps to keep rocks and water spray off loads and the back of truck cabs. It is available in four standard colors, black, white, silver-gray and red. Custom colors are available on fleet orders.

Spray Control Systems
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