Heavy-Duty Oils

Castrol Heavy Duty Lubricants says their new line of diesel engine oils offers a promise to set the standard for performance and engine protection.

Enduron S features a synthetic blend base stock and has an exceptional dispersive quality that allows it to manage higher soot levels generated by Exhaust Gas Recirculation engines, says Castrol.

Castrol Tection Extra is premium oil that includes superior low ash soot handling technology for heavy-duty engines, says the company, and also contains robust detergent properties to neutralize higher acid levels.

Castrol Tection S is designed to control wear on critical parts, including piston rings, liners and rod bearings, manage higher soot levels and provide for cleaner running engines.

Castrol Heavy Duty Lubricants

Drop Deck Trailer

Fontaine’s Ultra lightweight drop deck trailer has specially designed, fabricated I-beams with continuous welds on both sides. The trailer contains a minimum of 130 steel flanges, and lightening holes for lighter weight, more strength and durability.

The Ultra has lightweight, extruded aluminum side rails, with aluminum stake pockets, pipe spools and rub rails. It also features strong, lightweight aluminum winch tracks for optimal load securement.

The suspension trailer is a Hendrickson Intraax air ride with the front axle fixed. The rear axle is designed to slide from a 50-feet closed tandem position to a 10-feet 2-inch spread position. The trailer also features a pair of rubber dock bumpers on the rear for impact protection.

Fontaine Trailer Company
(800) 821-6535

Truck Cables

Whitney Blake’s truck cable is an interconnect system designed to meet the rigorous demands of the industry.

Each truck cable features superior extension life, sag-resistant coil memory and super resistance to road salt. The cable also includes specially designed connectors and a rugged, abrasion-resistant jacket for handling rough conditions.

Whitney Blake Company
(802) 463-1111

Steer Axle Stabilizer

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Donvel steer axle stabilizers work in a three-part system made up of the steer axle units, cab/sleeper controls and seat controls. The system’s driver-controlled air springs are located right behind the steer axle, between frame and spring. Each of the four air springs has its own control that gives quick hold and release to work against bumps and body rolls at highway speeds.

The cab/sleeper air spring reduces side rock. This reduction causes less stress on the steering components and tires, and the driver. The third part of the system, the air seat, works to effectively keep the driver in his or her comfort zone by remaining stable at all times.

(800) 411-1725

Slouch Boots

Durango’s Cheyenne Collection has added color to women’s slouch boots and now offer camel, red, purple, tan and black. They have full Cambrelle lining, a cushion insole and natural composition outsole.

For men, Durango has incorporated its Comfort Core insole technology into the Renegade Collection. This built-in lightweight polyurethane insert offers cushion and support in the key areas of impact, making the boot feel like ‘athletic footwear,’ says Durango.


‘On-Glass’ Antenna

The Constellation brand “On-Glass” antenna was designed for use with XM Satellite Radio receiver hardware.

The antenna features a pivoted whip angle adjustment, with a locking feature, for proper vertical alignment of the whip to provide the best satellite reception.

The product also has a twin coaxial cable construction for easy installation, a flexible coupler housing for attachment to curved surfaces, and O-ring seals for maximum water resistance.

The “On-Glass” design does not interfere with AM/FM broadcast reception. It also eliminates the need to pass DC electric power through the glass.

Antenna Specialists

Extra-Life Filter

The Imperial XL extra life filter has a unique LH 60 synthetic micro-glass filter media. The uniformity of this media permits smooth oil flow while removing engine damaging abrasive particles in the 5-15 micron range, say its makers.

The filter’s heavy-duty shell, made from environmentally friendly, coated metal, provides false-fatigue strength. This filter also features a spiral center tube with fluted ribs that adds strength to resist pressure surges.

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