What will you do with your tax return check?

Bobby Newcomer
Southwest Cold Storage
Mesa, Ariz.

“I’ll buy another bike.”

Jesus Rodriguez
Burlington Motors
Ft. Smith, Ark.

“I’ll spend it! But I’ll probably spend it all on bills.”

Frank Stines
Stevens Transport
Arlington, Texas

“Pay off some bills, like loans and credit cards I’ve run up.”

Alfred Maclin
Westbury, N.Y.

“I think I’m going to get one. If I do, I’ll spend it on me.”

Alen Smailovic

Alen Smailovic
Mitchell Transport
St. Petersburg, Fla.

“Pay for school so I can get out of trucking.”

Ray Lasnier
Aurora, Colo.

“What tax refund? I say that, but last year I got a surprise, so who knows.”

Billy Sublett
Howard Miller
Buffalo, Mo.

“Pay bills. Household bills, pickup truck bills – it’ll all go on some sort of bill.”

Roy Myrick
Miller Transporters
Hattiesburg, Miss.

“I’m retiring, so it would be nice. But it seems I just keep paying in every year and never get anything back.”

Alex Selinger
Brooklyn, N.Y.

“Pay off my bills. I’ve got debts to pay.”

Paul and Paula Starnato

Paul and Paula Starnato
Seguin, Texas

“Refund? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. We used to get refunds, but we haven’t got one since we got married 11 years ago.”

James Brown
Allen Freight Services
Columbus, Miss.

“I’m going to buy a Galaxy CB so I know what’s going on.”

Dick and Pat Gillispie
Pequot Lake, Minn.

“It’d be real nice to get one. We did a complete rebuild of the engine so we have a lot of deductions. But I don’t think we’ll get one.”

Tony Wood
Associated Trucking
Plantersville, Miss.

“Heck, we don’t get nothing back. We need a President who can do something about that.”

Tommy Brown
Jackson, Miss.

“I’m not going to get one.”