What are you going to do on your vacation?

Howard Spaulding
Longview, Texas

I’m going to drive 70 miles an hour in my four-wheeler.

Benny Gray
Nashville, Ga.

Probably go to the beach.

Bubba Fields
Como, Texas

I’m going to spend it with my wife. She’s having a baby.

Rolf Ames
Chatsworth, Ga.

Work. I’ll also spend some time in the mountains of Northeast Georgia with my girlfriend.

Bob Pendleton
Prewitt & Sons
Shepherdsville, Ky.

Probably fish some and win lots of money gambling in Gulfport, Miss.

Elizabeth and Jim Barnard

Elizabeth and Jim Barnard
Fort Worth, Texas

Elizabeth: My last vacation was spent with my daughter and my new granddaughter.
Jim: We don’t have anything planned this year, yet.

Howard Johnson
Thomasville, Ga.


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