A Test of Faith

The Forgotten
By Faye Kellerman

Reviewed by Donna G. Pierce

Rina Lazarus Decker is a devout Jewish woman, and when her storefront shul is vandalized she is outraged. She pushes her husband, L.A. homicide detective Peter Decker, to find the guilty party.

Jacob is Rina’s son from her first marriage and he has suffered from a drug addiction problem in the past. Ernesto Golding is a teenager and an acquaintance of Jacob’s from his past party crowd. Ernesto admits to the vandalism but can’t explain why.

A deal is cut for Ernesto who agrees to counseling with two psychologists known for caring for troubled rich teenagers. Ernesto had spent the summer at their nature camp in the mountains, and now things seem to be progressing well. But after a few months, Ernesto and his two therapists are murdered. Information he passed to Peter Decker during his earlier interrogation may help lead the detective to the killer.

Ernesto had believed that his grandfather might have been a Nazi posing as a Jew to escape to South America after World War II. Rina quickly agrees to aid the investigation by visiting an older Jewish man who had survived a concentration camp.

Peter finds out the therapists had helped the teenagers under their care pass college board exams and the motive for their deaths could be computer fraud. Jacob, who has struggled to prove himself to his parents, ends up with a key to the puzzle and helps Peter find the killer.

Kellerman weaves a wonderful plot and pulls it off nicely. There are some references to concentration camps and the horrific acts that took place that might disturb some readers. She paints a delicate portrait of a teenage son’s pain when coming to grips with his faith and a past drug problem. Rina and Peter’s relationship is strong and this is why the Lazarus/ Decker series is popular with readers.
Grade: A-

Star Trek: The Genesis Wave
John Vornholt

Sweeping across the Alpha Quadrant at a terrifying speed, a wave of Genesis energy wipes out whole populations of entire planets, rearranging matter on a molecular level to create bizarre new landscapes and life forms. The U.S.S. Enterprise, commanded by Captain Jean-Luc Picard, has managed to counter the threat, halting the wave in its tracks and stopping the alien race that had sent the wave crashing through the galaxy. Earth itself, as well as the Romulan Empire, was saved from obliteration.

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Now nothing is left to do but clean up the mess the Genesis Wave left behind. Or so it seems. Unknown to Picard and his crew, the use of the Genesis Wave on a galactic scale had weakened the walls between our dimension and one right next door, one that harbors a deadly threat to not only the survival of civilization throughout the galaxy, but also the survival of reality itself.
Star Trek: The Genesis Wave
3 hours
Retail: $18
Simon & Schuster Audio

Shadow Warriors
Tom Clancy

Carl Stiner was only the second commander of SOCOM, the U.S. Special Operations Command responsible for the readiness of all the special operations forces of the Army, Navy and Air Force, including the Green Berets, Navy SEALs, Rangers, Delta Force, Air Force Special Operations, PsyOps and Civil Affairs. Stiner and Clancy trace the transformation of the Special Forces from a small core of outsiders in the 1950s through the cauldron of Vietnam to their rebirth in the late 1980s and 90s as the bearer of the largest, most mixed and most complex set of missions in the U.S. military. From Vietnam and Laos to Panama, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq, these are stories of raids, counterterrorism, hostage rescues, reconnaissance, counterinsurgency and psychological operations.
Shadow Warriors
6.5 hours
Retail: $26
Simon & Schuster Audio

Good Harbor
Anita Diamant

The seaside town of Gloucester, Massachusetts, is a place where the smell of the ocean lingers in the air and the rocky coast glistens in the Atlantic sunshine. When longtime Gloucester resident Kathleen Levine is diagnosed with breast cancer her life is thrown into turmoil. Frightened and burdened by secrets, she meets Joyce Tabachnik, a freelance writer with literary aspirations, and a once-in-a-lifetime friendship is born. Joyce has just bought a small house in Gloucester, where she hopes to write as well as vacation with her family. Like Kathleen, Joyce is at a fragile place in her life.
Good Harbor
7.5 hours
Retail: $35
Simon & Schuster Audio

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