Volvo Introduces Satellite Communications System

Volvo Trucks North America launched a fully integrated vehicle satellite communications system called Volvo Link on March 1.

Volvo Link combines satellite technology, a high-performance modem and an Internet interface to locate trucks and provide affordable two-way communications between terminals and drivers virtually anywhere, the company said.

“Volvo Link is a significant technological advancement because it offers a competitive advantage to Volvo owners by providing two-way communications as affordable as cellular technology, but with the coverage of satellite technology,” said Susan Alt, vice president of marketing for Volvo Trucks North America.

Volvo says its new system is driver-friendly and requires no keyboard to send messages from the vehicle to the terminal. The windshield wiper control arm on the steering column is used to scroll through a list of standardized pre-formatted messages or to create customized messages. Volvo’s in-dash Driver Message Center, a feature on model years since 2000, displays text.

Volvo Link can be factory-installed or retrofitted to any 2000 or later model Volvo VN or VHD. The company estimates retrofits will take about three hours of labor. Monthly operating cost will vary depending on individual usage – the monthly service fee is fixed at $14.95.