Superman and Kimberly

Ladies and gentleman, you have a young fan – Kimberly Sanders. She loves the big rigs the way a lot of young people love boy bands, movie stars or Japanese martial arts cartoons. She wrote this letter to Truckers News:

My name is Kimberly Sanders. I am 14 years old. My daddy (Lamar) is a truck driver, also my godmother (Carol Grayson) is a truck driver. I am only 14 years old with a big dream! Because my whole entire family is made up of professional truck drivers! My mom’s mother has 16 children, 33 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren! If I ever became a truck driver I would like to drive these trucks: 1999 Volvo VNL770, 2000 Volvo VNL 770, 1998 Freightliner Century, 1997-2000 Kenworth T2000, 1998 Volvo VNL 770 w/dinette, 2000 Sterling 77 Silver Star Sleeper