What is your biggest pet peeve?

Brent Lashley
BT & B Transport
Eutaw, Ala.

“Not getting paid on time and insurance costs.”

Rick Jenkins
Howard Transportation
Clarendon, Texas

“Four-wheelers that do not know how to respect a truck.”

Doris Mclean
Daytona Beach, Fla.

“Dirty truckstops. I always phone them and make sure they are clean. And it also really bothers me when truckers do not tip the people who clean the bathrooms. That is so important.”

Robert Barron
Croyle Jennings
Toledo, Ohio

“The language truckers use and the general attitude. I like what I do and have a good time doing it, but some of them don’t seem to by the way they talk.”

Willie Haywood

Willie Haywood
Oklahoma City

“The attitude of the drivers. I think it’s much more negative now than three years ago. Everybody wants change, but they are not willing to stick together to make it happen.”

D.C. Crocker
Prime Inc.
Canyon City, Colo.

“Highway patrolmen that do not do their jobs. They will let four-wheelers get away with going 15 miles over the speed limit, but I can’t go five over without getting a ticket.”

Earl Aiken
Volume Transportation
Belvedere, S.C.

“Nothing really bothers me too much. I’m too old to let stuff bother me. That’s the most important thing in safety too, don’t let things bother you.”

Gerald Pennock

Gerald Pennock
Scheinder National
Minerva, Ohio

“Four-wheelers cutting you off.”

Annette Jones
FFE Transportation

“When people jump in front of me and then slow down.”

Joel Lumston
J.B. Hunt
Asheville, N.C.

“Lazy dispatchers who won’t take the time to do anything for you.”

Scott Haynes
Phillip Environmental Chemical Corp.
Birmingham, Ala.

“The construction. There’s too much of it. They should do smaller portions of the road at a time.”

Donnie Cornelison
CNC Logging
Scottsboro, Ala.

“Four wheelers darting in front of you.”

Jerome Smith
J.B. Hunt
Coppers Cove, Texas

“When there is a long line of traffic backed up and four-wheelers run as far as they can go and then want you to let them in.”

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