Who is your favorite American patriot?

David Allen
Right Transportation
Birmingham, Ala.

“George Washington. He was our first president.”

Eric Wasson
Coastal Transport
Walthourville, Ga.

“Abraham Lincoln did great things for our country.”

William Beckham
Howard Transportation
Laurel, Miss.

“John Wayne because he always stood up for what was right in his movies. The good guy always won and the bad guy didn’t.”

Jane Ewyer

Jane Ewyer
Schneider National
Booneville, N.Y.

“I would say Colin Powell. I think he has a lot to offer this world and would make a great president. But I would also say Jimmy Carter. He’s a great man.”

Dexter Peeler
Coastal Transport
Milledgeville, Ga.

“Martin Luther King because he fought for the rights of all people and he used nonviolence to do it.”

P.J. Klingensmith
ECM Transport
Greensburg, Penn.

“I would have to say George W. Bush because of the good job he’s done with terrorism.”

William Dunnam
Rocor Transportation
Douglas, Ga.

“Lewis B. “Chesty” Puller. He was a marine that fought in the Marine Corp from 1913 through the Korean War. He always spoke his mind and told the truth.”

Dennis Roberts
USA Truck

“[William] Clark of Lewis and Clark. I recently found out I am related to him.”

Sharif Osman

Sharif Osman
Metal Transport

“Jimmy Carter. He did a good job, and he was a peaceful man.”

Toni Stewart (left)
CRST Flatbed
Salisbury, N.C.

“George W. Bush for how he has handled the situation with terrorism. He is taking care of us Americans.”

Steve Anton
Ozark Transport
Walls, Miss.

“Oliver North, he was a good American patriot. He did what his boss told him to do.”

Richard DeYoung
Beloig, Wis.

“Paul Revere: the British are coming!”

Aaron Glenn
Magnatrain Corp.
Columbus, Miss.

“Martin Luther King made things better for everybody.”

Ron Curry
London, Ky.

“George Washington. He was a go-getter.”