Commemorative Mic

Astatic, manufacturer of the 636L noise-canceling microphone, which was introduced to the market in 1977, is offering a Silver Anniversary Edition of the product. “Commemorating 25 years of excellence in manufacturing and reliability,” says the company, this limited edition 636L-SE will offer special cosmetics and features including a double chrome-plated grille screen, chrome-plated key button and a stainless steel cord.

Astatic Mobile
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New Fuel Saver

The TURBO-3000D is a clean-burn fuel savings device for diesel engines that promises to increase fuel economy by 10 percent while reducing emissions, according to its manufacturer. Now comes the newest model, the TURBO-3000D VADA unit. The VADA model, says its maker, brings together state-of-the-art aerospace engineering and materials while continuing to provide increased fuel economy, decreased emissions and increased horsepower. The average cost of the VADA unit, including the installation kit, is less than $200.


Advantages Savings Book

The sixth annual Kenworth PremierCare Advantages Savings Book is now available at participating Kenworth dealerships in North America. The book features 57 discount coupons, valid through May 31, 2003. The coupons can be used on the purchase of parts and service work for most leading makes of trucks. The book features several service offers, such as $25 off a lube, oil and filter service for a Cummins engine with an additional $5 off when a Fleetguard filter is also used.

Truckers can obtain a copy of the coupon book at their local Kenworth dealership.


Liberty Series Seats

Bostrom Seating, Inc. has introduced a new line of heavy-duty truck seats. The Liberty Series is available in two models, the Liberty I and the Liberty II. Both models offer increased foam density with wider seat and backrest configuration. The new, contoured seat design adds support while promoting improved circulation in the lower extremities to reduce fatigue. Both models also incorporate Bostrom’s new Flex-Support System, which is attached to the seat frame using specially designed torsion springs. Bostrom says this unique Flex-Support System combines superior energy absorption and significantly improved support when compared to seats using rigid deadpan designs. This combination of features results in improved postural support and increased comfort especially during rough road conditions, says the company. The Liberty I is designed with a fixed lumbar support while the Liberty II offers an adjustable mechanical lumbar support as standard equipment and an air operated lumbar support as an option.

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Lightweight Steel Wheel

Accuride Corporation has introduced its 65-pound Lightweight Steel Wheel. The use of high-strength, low-alloy steel coupled with engineering design and process allows Accuride to offer a lightweight steel wheel featuring the economy and strength of a standard steel wheel and weight similar to an aluminum wheel, says the company. If you replaced a competitor’s standard 85 pound steel wheels all round, Accuride’s Lightweight Steel Wheel would reduce overall truck and trailer weight more than 300 pounds.

Accuride Corporation
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Little APU with Kick

TruckGen has designed what it says is the smallest, lightest, most cost-effective auxiliary power unit (APU) on the market. It extends truck engine maintenance intervals, while averaging only 1/10 gallon of diesel fuel per hour itself, says TruckGen. The APU is used in conjunction with factory underbunk heater/air conditioner units and will provide 12,000 BTUs of air conditioning and up to 20,000 BTUs of heat. The APU combines a Kubota diesel engine, a compressor, a 120-amp alternator for 12-volt DC battery charging and an in-cab remote start switch. The complete unit weighs just 185 pounds and is 30 inches long x 18 inches wide x 16 inches high. Introductory price of the new TruckGen APU is $4,395, and it can be installed at a mechanic’s shop or TruckGen’s factory location in Florida.


Oil Mate

Engineered Machined Products Inc. has introduced its newest aftermarket product, Oil Mate, previously sold exclusively to diesel engine manufacturers. The Oil Mate significantly extends oil change intervals and filter life in order to decrease downtime and lengthen your engine’s life span, says EMP. This oil management system removes a small amount of used engine oil and blends it with diesel fuel to be burned during combustion. The used oil is then replaced with an equal amount of fresh oil from a make-up tank, extending oil and filter use. The system is currently used and certified by a major diesel engine manufacturer, operates within emissions guidelines, and is guaranteed for one full year, says the company.

Engineered Machine Products
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Mud Flap Hanger

EZ Grip Inc. has announced an addition to its product line for commercial trucks – the Tractor Model EZ Grip Mud Flap Hanger. The Tractor Model complements the EZ Grip Trailer Model introduced two years ago. EZ Grip Mud Flap Hangers fit standard tractor or trailer mounting holes and bolt onto the equipment as a permanent hanger to hold any standard mud flap. The Tractor and Trailer Model Hangers are built for heavy-duty use and the springs are plated. EZ Grip is manufactured in the United States and is available in stainless steel, black powder-painted or aluminum.

EZ Grip
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