What do you do to pass time during a layover?

Ruiz Caro
Evans Delivery
Margate, Fla.

“I read books and play around on the computer.”

Johnny Thomas
Villeplatte, La.

“I like to converse with other drivers. I’ve met a lot of interesting people that way.”

Bob Bumpus
Amboy, Ill.

“I watch whatever I can find good on TV.”

Thomas Mills
Deep South Trucking
Richton, Miss.

“I like to watch TV and read novels. Horror novels are my favorite.”

Jamie Flynn

Jamie Flynn
Covenant Transport
Tampa, Fla.

“I like to talk on the phone a lot and watch the new releases.”

John Jackson
US Services
Sumter, S.C.

“I listen to my radio and watch televison.”

Jim Hughes
Crete Carrier
Bear, Del.

“Eat food, get fat and watch television.”

Travis Sanders

Travis Sanders
T & L Transport
Macon, Miss.

“I spend the time doing maintenance on my truck.”

Phillip Peeples
Crete Carrier
McKinney, Texas

“I play golf and watch TV.”

Tirrell Jackson
US Services
Manning, S.C.

“I watch old movies and try to get some sleep.”

Craig Beeson
Flinchum Trucking (leased to Ozark)
Pineville, La.

“I usually go inside the truckstop and play video games. My favorite is ‘Silence Scope.'”

Dave McClister
Summerville, S.C.

“I watch all kinds of movies.”

Larry Lowery
Vaughan Transport
LaGrange, Ga.

“I watch TV, find a book to read or hang out in the game room of the truckstop.”