Ignition Switches

Cole Hersee Company, a maker of heavy-duty electrical, electronic and digital products for the vehicle industry, is now offering a line of durable ignition switches. The new switches have operating features and options for every truck fleet application and are available in two-position, three-position and four-position models with optional coded locks, patented Hencol locks and levers.

Switches are available with diecast or brass cases to protect against wear, corrosion and contaminants. Mounting stems vary according to the type of switch required for the vehicle, as do the number of terminals. For trucks operating in especially rugged or heavy-duty conditions, Cole Hersee offers protective plastic covers that attach to the ignition switch and snap over the ignition slot.

Cole Hersee Company
617-268-2100, ext. 416

Lightweight Trailer

Fontaine Trailer Company has a new trailer made specifically for operations in California and the western United States.

The 44EXP is an ultra lightweight trailer designed to maximize payloads in conformance with California statutory lengths and axle group loadings. In order to provide for the maximum allowable axle weights, the 44EXP uses an Expando Trunnion suspension system. The setup uses eight tires per axle line in a tandem trunnion configuration that lets the operator telescope from a standard 8-foot-6-inch overall width to a 10-foot maximum tire width. This capability, coupled with the axle spacing, provides for maximum available loadings in states recognizing trunnion axles.

The 44EXP is offered in both 20-foot (California Kingpin) and 24-foot deck lengths at special introductory prices as low as $48,000.

Fontaine Trailer Company
(800) 821-6535

Crew Cab Conversion

The Kenworth Truck Company announced that Bentz Transport Products offers an aftermarket crew cab conversion for the Kenworth T300 medium-duty conventional.

Standard features include a one-piece fiberglass roof with a 4-inch raised rear section that provides 62 inches of height in the interior. The rest of the cab is all-aluminum, with a 52-inch long addition and 84-inch width at the rear. The cab comes in a 157-inch BBC setup.

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All four doors of the T300 crew cab conversion feature Kenworth Daylite door assemblies and door panels, granite gray vinyl interior trim, interior upper B-pillar and exterior grab handles, and DuPont Imron 5000 paint.

The conversion has a number of options including separate heater or heater/air conditioner, stainless steel cab accessories, extended horizontal exhaust pipe, carpet and custom trim packages, and DuPont Imron 6000 base/clear paint. Bench and bucket seats are available in addition to fire service SCBA seats and exterior access steps.

Kenworth Truck Company

Joyride Sound

Clarion Corporation of America says its flagship Joyride product will help drivers have a more safe and comfortable time on the road.

Joyride Multimedia Entertainment and Navigation System is a radio, CD, DVD and MP3 player with Dolby Digital surround system. And it’s equipped with navigation options. The system’s functions can all be easily controlled by voice commands or infrared control, which Joyride in turn responds to with verbal acknowledgement. Tim’s Car Electronics Inc., one of Joyride’s biggest dealers, says the system can be installed in almost any vehicle no matter what the age.

Clarion Corporation of America
(310) 965-1719


Delphi Corp. has introduced TruckSecure, which can help identify and authorize drivers, track and guide vehicles, and even shut down a vehicle if it is driven into a prohibited area or if key components are tampered with or destroyed.

TruckSecure is a hardware and services system that uses Delphi’s truck computing platform and vehicle integration capabilities coupled with services provided by partners including MobileAria and The O’Gara Company. The system fits in a standard-size radio package and features interactive speech technology, connectivity, information-on-demand, enhanced entertainment and, now, highly effective vehicle security capabilities.

TruckSecure functions include password protected access to truck operation; GPS satellite and cellular technologies to monitor the truck’s location; specialized software that creates boundaries around sensitive locations and recognizes when the truck crosses those parameters; and a system that slowly decelerates the truck to a complete stop if it enters the restricted area.

Delphi Corp.
(313) 567-5029

Torque Wrenches

McCann Equipment Ltd. is offering the Tireman Torque Wrench. McCann says its manual torque wrench for trucks and buses, with its unique flex hinge design, makes it virtually impossible to overtorque the wheel stud.

Calibrated to ISO 9000 standards (calibration certificate supplied with every wrench), the Tireman can accurately torque both left and right hand threads. The Tireman comes in five models delivering a range from 70 to 1,500 foot-pounds of torque.

The Wheelmaster Pneumatic Torque Wrench has been specifically designed for the trucking and bus industries, says McCann officials. The Wheelmaster has a specially fitted nose extension and reaction arm to make torquing truck and bus wheel studs to factory specifications an easier task.

The Wheelmaster uses the two air motors that allow for fast rundown speeds and slower rpm for final torquing. The fully reversible 3/4″ square drive gearbox delivers from 150 to 750 foot-pounds of adjustable torque. Each tool is supplied with its own air pressure graph, is certified, and is NIST/NRC traceable.

McCann Equipment Ltd.
(800) 663-6344

Interstate Guide

Green Maple Publishing, a Vermont-based company that creates software for handheld computers, has created The Interstate Guide, a complete guide to all roadside services on the U.S. Interstate system.

This easy-to-use program interfaces with all hand-held Palm systems and includes a complete listing of all services available at every exit on the U.S. Interstate System including: gas stations, lodgings, restaurants, rest areas, campgrounds, ATM locations, medical services and pharmacies, 24-hour services, auto and truck repair, diesel fuel, state parks, shopping areas, attractions and more.

The Interstate Guide is an onboard navigation system that identifies what is available at each exit and how far you have to travel to get there. Its software program consists of data licensed from eXitsource, an award-winning leader in database management of business and service information on the Highway Interstate System in all 50 U.S. states. eXitsource features a continuously-updated database of every exit off every Interstate in the United States, including rest areas, with a searchable list of all available services.

The Interstate Guide can be used on Windows, Linux and Macintosh operating systems. It is available for $21.95 at major electronic stores as well as online.

Green Maple Publishing
(802) 453-6479

Frame Repair Kit

Huck Fasteners’ Truck Frame Repair Kit provides the installation tool and portable power source needed to pull the Huck fasteners most commonly used to repair heavy-truck frames.

The kit includes the production-grade Huck 586 tool, which offers 5,400 pounds of pull capacity. It is ergonomically designed with a comfortable grip, easy trigger action and smooth installation action.

Also included is the Huck POWERRIG 940 Hydraulic Source, a rugged, portable power source that’s only 75 pounds. It’s powered by 115-volt or 220-volt AC, and includes quick-connect couplers for easy hook-ups.

Nose assemblies can be ordered for the various fasteners, whether they be the 12-, 16-, or 20-millimeter Metric Huck-Fit PowerBolts, or the 1/2-, 5/8- or 3/4-inch HP8 PowerBolts.

Huck Fasteners
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