The CIA Lady and Saddam Hussein

Separation of Power
Vince Flynn

Reviewed by Tama Gordon<
Knight Transport

Listening Time: 5 hours

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio

Retail: $26

Genre: Action/suspense

Plot: We have two plots in the story. One is the effort to get Irene Kennedy named as the CIA director while many people are plotting to keep her from getting the position. The second plot is a race against time to stop Saddam Hussein and the nukes he may be building.

Main characters: Irene Kennedy is a strong, classy woman with definite goals for herself. Mitch Rapp is a strong, courageous man who serves his country with no thought for his own life. Anna is Mitch’s girlfriend who wants to settle him down.

What’s best (or not)? I love that the woman was used for a high level position. She was portrayed wonderfully. The character Clark dies in the book, and I wish he had been killed a little more painfully.

Would you recommend? Yes! It was a great suspense. I liked the way it portrayed the true life of politics.

Narrator’s style: The narrator is very good looking! The accents were great. The narrator kept you into the book.

How would you rate the book? A

Sin Killer
Larry McMurtry

It is 1830, and the Berrybender family – rich, aristocratic, English and fiercely out of place – is on its way up the Missouri River to see the American West as it begins to open up.

Lord and Lady Berrybender have abandoned their palatial home in England to explore the frontier and to broaden the horizons of their children, who include Tasmin, a budding young woman of grit, beauty and determination, her vivacious and difficult sister and her brother. As they journey by rough stages up the river, they meet with all the dangers, difficulties, temptations and awesome natural scenery of the untamed West.
8 hours
Retail: $35
Simon & Schuster Audio

True Blue
Luanne Rice

School teacher Rumer Larkin never felt the need to stray from Hubbard’s Point, even after those she loved had left. Rich with the legends of seafaring spirits and lost treasures, the rustic village echoes with the memories of Rumer’s past. Many summers after Zeb Mayhew broke her heart he returns with his teenage son, and Rumer knows her quiet life will never be the same again.

Zeb comes back hoping to reconnect with his son, and with the past and all its mistakes. Suddenly facing Rumer again, Zeb discovers where he belongs. He could never forget the girl who used to climb onto his roof with him to watch the stars. Both Zeb and Rumer wonder if it’s too late to do more than regret the path not taken – or if every path leads us back to the one true love of our life.
4.5 hours
Retail: $19.95
Simon & Schuster Audio

Grave Secrets
Kathy Reichs

It was a summer morning in 1982 when soldiers ravaged the village of Chupan Ya, raping and killing women and children. Twenty-three victims are said to lie in the well where Dr. Temperance ‘Tempe’ Brennan and a team from the Guatemalan Forensic Anthropology Foundation now dig. No records were kept. To their families, the dead are “the disappeared.”
The team is packing up for the day when an urgent satellite call comes in. Two colleagues are under attack. Shots ring out, and Tempe listens in horror to a woman’s screams. Then there is silence. Dead silence.

Teaming with Special Crimes Investigator Bartolome Galiano and with Montreal detective Andrew Ryan, Tempe soon finds herself in a dangerous web that stretches far beyond Guatemala’s borders. As power, money, greed and science converge, Tempe must make life-altering choices.
10 hours
Retail: $35
Simon & Schuster Audio

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