Portable XM Satellite Radio

Pana-Pacific has introduced the SKYFi XM Satellite Radio by Delphi Products & Service Solutions. Available at OEM truck dealers and truckstops, this next-generation plug and play satellite radio plays in the truck, car, home or office. The compact receiver/controller unit has the most advance features of any satellite radio on the market including a large display that shows five channels at a time while scrolling through the XM channels, according to Pana-Pacific, and SKYFi also comes with a remote control for convenience.

The SKYFi vehicle adaptor kit allows the receiver to adapt to any vehicle’s stereo system and the SKYFi Home Adaptor Kit is adaptable to most home or workplace audio systems, or it can be connected directly to a set of multimedia speakers. The SKYFi Audio System, which is a “boombox” that contains a pair of speakers with integrated antenna, will be available the first quarter of 2003.

Pana-Pacific Corporation
(800) 726-2636

Michelin Maps

Michelin Travel Publications has produced its first-ever North America road atlas.

It is arranged geographically, not alphabetically like most other atlases. The United States, Canada and Mexico are divided into a sequence of squares, each of which is a simple-to-use map that makes travel as effortless as turning a page, says Michelin. Truckers can use “go-to” pointers to trace their route from one map to the next, without flipping pages.

For travel between major cities, Michelin’s new atlas does the math with more than 170 easy-to-use distance charts. An interstate map provides distances and driving times; a city-to-city chart shows distances between major North American cities; and regional distance charts are included on each page spread. Distance calculations are provided in both miles and kilometers.

Michelin’s new atlas is compact (9 inches by 10-7/8 inches), which the company says is preferred by more than 70 percent of consumers surveyed. The atlas includes eight additional maps of the northeast corridor (Washington, D.C., to Boston) that provide greater detail for navigating through this densely populated portion of the United States.

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Michelin Travel Publications
(888) 610-5122

New Bostrom Seats

Bostrom Seating, Inc. has introduced a new line for the heavy-duty truck seats. The Liberty Series is available in two models, the Liberty I and the Liberty II. Both models offer increased foam density with wider seat and backrest configuration. The new, contoured seat design adds support while promoting improved circulation in the lower extremities to reduce fatigue. Both models also incorporate Bostrom’s new Flex-Support System, which is attached to the seat frame using specially designed torsion springs. Bostrom says this unique Flex-Support System combines superior energy absorption and significantly improved support when compared to seats using rigid deadpan designs. This combination of features result in improved postural support and increased comfort especially during rough road conditions, says the company. The Liberty I is designed with a fixed lumbar support, while the Liberty II offers an adjustable mechanical lumbar support as standard equipment and an air operated lumbar support as an option.

Bostrom Seating
(800) 459-7328
[email protected]

Autocar Brochures

Autocar has published two new brochures to support its Xpeditor LCOE product line.

A six-page brochure “highlights the versatility, performance and reliability features of the Xpeditor” says the company, and includes updated engine, transmission and axle information. A pocketsize brochure contains detailed information about Xpeditor sales, service, parts experts and locations. “Customers can quickly and conveniently find the names and phone numbers of Autocar regional sales managers and view maps showing Xpeditor sales, service and parts-only locations,” says Autocar.

The first Autocar was built in 1897 and it is the oldest vehicle nameplate in continuous production in the United States. Today’s Autocar LLC was formed in July 2001 when parent company Grand Vehicle Works Corporation purchased the Autocar name and Xpeditor truck line from Volvo Trucks North America.

(877) 973-3486

Disconnect Alarm

Intra Technologies has upgraded its low-voltage disconnect systems to include a timing feature that sounds alarms before power is shut off. Like the standard LVD, the new version monitors battery levels during key-off periods and automatically disconnects non-critical power loads when battery voltage reaches critical levels. The new LVD is available as an aftermarket item through most dealers, and will be available as an option on most new truck brands.

Intra Technologies
(206) 575-8111

Wrenches and Ratchets

Snap-On Tool’s new AT600 Blue-Point 1/2-inch square drive, high torque impact wrench offers versatile control, high torque and a lightweight feel to allow for quick and accurate fastening and removal of lug nuts, bolts and screws, says its maker.

The grip handle’s surface is designed to allow for maximum grip and reduced vibration for tight control, and it can be operated one handed thanks to a one-finger forward/reverse lever and adjustable four-position air regulator.

The unit reaches a total of 550 pounds-feet of forward torque and 600 pounds-feet of reverse torque. The wrench uses a twin hammer mechanism that is surrounded in an oil bath, and operates at a speed of 7,000 rpm forward and 8,000 rpm in reverse.

Snap-on Tools has also introduced the AT702 Blue-Point 3/8-inch square drive, high torque air ratchet to tighten and loosen a range of automotive repair and industrial applications. Patented flywheel technology enables the 2.4-pound ratchet to reach 65 pounds-feet of maximum torque. The unit’s mounted air motor design features ball-bearing components and a high-strength, planetary three-gear system that reaches a free speed of 200 rpm.

Snap-on Tools Company
(877) 762-7662

Back Supporter

Back Buddy is a padded, portable, lightweight and therapeutic air mattress with a cushioned fabric covering. Its support allows it to be stretched across the driver’s and passenger’s seats, accommodating any gear shift. It rolls up for easy storage and has a carrying strap.

Back Buddy
(888) 479-2225

Shifting Assistance

The GearMaster II displays what’s happening with the gearing inside your transmission. It’s for the inexperienced driver saddled with a manual gearbox. It reads truck speed and engine rpm electronically off the engine ECM, and displays the synchronization rpm for each gear, as well as which gears the driver can shift to without over-speeding or lugging down the engine. Even an experienced driver can use it to minimize missed shifts, frustration, and shift collar damage.

This is a recently redesigned version, capable of either taking its readings directly from the engine ECM or from sensors installed on the drivetrain components of older trucks.

(866) 432-7728

Portable Air Conditioner

Taylor Made Environmental has announced that its Cruisair ASSCX10 air-cooled air conditioning system for vehicles has been successfully tested to military standards for vibration in the mobile environment.

The ASCCX10 is a 10,300 BTU self-contained AC-powered air-cooled air conditioner for trucks, RVs and other vehicles. The unit was tested to the MIL-STD-810F, Annex C, standard, which reflects exposures for U.S. highway truck conditions.

The air conditioner is designed for sleeper compartment installation to provide air conditioning when the truck is not running. The compact chassis contains the compressor, condenser, evaporator coil, squirrel cage blower and electrical box. The cool air is ducted to one or more grills in the compartment. A digital switch assembly and thermostat is mounted on the wall in a convenient location. The unit runs on AC power, supplied by shore power hookups or an onboard generator.

Taylor Made Environmental
(804) 746-1313

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