Wish List

Robert Lake
[email protected]

It’s that time of year again when I’m making a list and checking it twice. I want good things for truckers and here are some things on my wish list.

1. Lower fuel prices
This one might come true. Right now fuel prices ($1.44 at press time) are on a gradual ride downhill. But don’t quit practicing good fuel economy. Cut down on idling, keep your speed down and check your tire pressure. If prices come down, you’ll hopefully find change jingling in your pocket.

2. Fewer regulations
It seems like Washington’s answer to anything to do with trucking is to regulate it. The bureaucrats like to tell you when to drive and when to sleep along with anything else that comes up. Less government interference means truckers can get the job done they’ve been hired to do. Make sure you vote and make sure you know the voting record of the men and women you send to Washington.

3. Positive stories
Trucker Ron Lantz made a phone call reporting the location of the suspected Beltway snipers and did more for the image of truckers than any public relations firm could ever do. If you get a chance to help police, assist a stranded motorist or give a friendly wave to a four-wheeler – then do it. You never know when you’ll make a difference.

4. Fewer fatalities
We would all love to see a drop in truck-related fatalities for a fifth year in a row.

Continuing this winning streak keeps regulators and lawmakers away, but best of all, it will keep you safer on the road.

5. Higher wages
Freight prices are slowly starting to creep up in some areas. This means you have a chance now for a pay raise. And, it’s about time.

6 Creature comforts
Many truckers with satellite radios are the happiest drivers on the road. Some companies are even offering a satellite radio as a perk. There are a number of other in-cab goodies to improve your lifestyle. Hopefully, a few will find their way into your holiday stocking.

7. Other cool things
Chrome. Enough said.

8. More home time
Many companies say they are giving more home time to truckers. This one ought to be at the top of the list.

9. Good health
You never know how much you miss it until something goes wrong.

10. Peace on earth
We’ve all had enough of living under the threat of terrorism.

11. Love
Whether you give or receive, it’s the greatest gift in life.

Happy holidays from the Truckers News staff. May all your Christmas wishes come true.