What's the best thing that's happened to you in the past year?

Wayne Conklin
Carthage, Mo.

“I got a new truck.”

Richard Goon
Brighton, Colo.

“I got my CDL and now I get to see the country.”

Pete Heintz
Tidewater Transit
Kingsport, Tenn.

“A lot of good things have happened. My youngest son won the Georgia state weightlifting championship. He’s a senior in high school.”

Jack Ellington
Augusta, Ga.

“As of three days ago, I have a new grandbaby boy. He makes my fifth grandchild.”

Todd Sanders

Todd Sanders
Woodville, Miss.

“I bought my second truck.”

Lynn Welch
Todd Sanders Trucking
Woodville, Miss.

“I made more money and nobody ran over me.”

Johnny Williams
Fairday, La.

“I survived the year and I’m still alive.”

Sam Jones
New Matamoras, Ohio

“I have drawn closer to God and my family.”

Homer Gooden

Homer Gooden
United Plywood
Birmingham, Ala.

“No accidents.”

Howard Finch
Weaver, Ala.

“Best thing is my career change into trucking.”

Steve Compton
Virginia Beach, Va.

“I bought a condo about a mile and a half from the beach.”

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