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Medium-Duty Pete

Medium-Duty Pete
Peterbilt’s new medium-duty truck, the Model 335, will go into production this month at Peterbilt’s Quebec factory. The truck will be available in Class 6 and 7 truck and tractor configurations.

The truck will feature a sloping, aerodynamic hood that is lighter than its predecessors and provides more visibility. The one-piece hood is integrated with the fenders and constructed out of Metton, a composite material that is light, durable and impact resistant.

The truck also features repeater lights located on the quarter fenders, complimenting those in the headlamps, to signal lane changes and turns to vehicles to the side and rear.

The company also announced it would end production of its Model 379X special edition Class 8 owner-operator truck in December. The company said production of the model, which has special polished aluminum and chrome features, will end to keep the popular model a limited edition.

Kenworth Sleeper Options
Kenworth has expanded its sleeper choices with the introduction of the 86-inch and 72-inch AeroCab Diamond sleepers.

The new Diamond options offer a fixed 42-inch by 80-inch lower bunk with an optional upper bunk for team drivers, up to 69 cubic feet of storage with room for an optional refrigerator, plus a weight savings of up to 150 pounds.

Improvements to the wide-cab T2000 increase aerodynamics, driver comfort and ease of repair, officials said. Other enhancements include a modified sun visor mounting that directs more air up and over the T2000. The redesign gives the driver’s seat an extra 6 degrees of seat recline and 2.5 inches more belly room.

The 2005 T300 is now available with optional corner windows that aid in backing up and negotiating tight spots. Other exterior enhancements include a wire mesh grille with polished stainless steel center trim and complex reflector headlamps that are standard and provide a 50 percent increase in illumination.

Inside the T300, Kenworth developed an optional work station between the driver and passenger seat. Two 12-volt outlets can be used to power computers and other devices, and drivers can hang files and stand up a clipboard inside the compartment.

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For those wanting a heavier duty T300, Kenworth has recently added a heavier front-axle option (14,600 pounds) to go along with an available 30,000-pound rear axle (for single axle applications). Frame inserts are also now available for the T300.

New LowMax Option
Western Star has introduced a new, 123-inch BBC LowMax option for its 4900 FA model. The truck features an overall cab height of less than 103 inches.

The new LowMax has a hood length 91/2 inches shorter than the original LowMax, but it offers many of the same features as the original with 22.5-inch low-profile tires, reduced rear suspension height, redesigned lower cab mounting, low-profile oil pan and special exhaust routing packages.

Western Star has also released a new, shorter addition to its Stratosphere Star Light Sleeper line. The new 68-inch, walk-through, flat-floor sleeper complements the company’s 82-inch version.

The new sleeper is available on all 4900 models in the U.S. and Canada, including the EX (132-inch BBC set forward front axle), 4900 FA (set forward axle in both 109-inch and 123-inch BBCs) and 4900 SA (set back front axle in both 109-inch and 123-inch BBCs).

Western Star has also debuted a new lightweight 4900 SA tractor, spec’d utilizing current production components to achieve maximum weight savings. The tractor has a dry chassis weight of approximately 15,300 pounds when equipped with the company’s new 68-inch sleeper and a 435-horsepower MBE 4000 engine, the market’s lightest 13-liter engine. Other weight savings come from using an Eaton “Lightning” 10-speed transmission, a 1,300-square-inch cross flow aluminum radiator, aluminum cross members, lightweight carrier housings for drive axles and Michelin X One single tires on tandem wheel axles.

Acterra Enhancements
Sterling Trucks is enhancing its popular medium-duty Acterra truck. The company is offering a pair of new two-pedal automated shift transmissions, factory-installed all-wheel drive and other new features.

Later this year a two-pedal Mercedes Benz Automated Gear Shift transmission, based on the Mercedes Benz manual six-speed transmission, will be available. Sterling says the system’s Transmission Control Unit enhances performance and fuel economy by sensing and evaluating road conditions, load conditions and grades to precisely determine shift points. The transmission requires no manual shifting or clutching. Sterling will also offer the Eaton UltraShift 6-speed.

Sterling now also offers factory-installed all-wheel drive featuring full four-wheel automatic traction control using an exclusive Automatic Lock Control Transfer Case coupled with the standard front and rear wheel traction control system. Acterras equipped with AWD offer front axle ratings of 12,000, 14,000 and 26,000 pounds.

Acterras will also now offer an improved turning radius, courtesy of a five-degree improvement in wheel cut angle.

Freightliner Upgrades
Freightliner has announced several product enhancements:

  • New instrument panel – An optional upgrade for the Columbia beginning second quarter 2004, the panel features LED backlighting, individually removable gauges for ease of service and 270-degree movement on all gauges.
  • Optional wing dash – Available on the new Business Class M2 in summer 2004, the new dash features enhanced ergonomics and space for additional gauges and switches.
  • Eaton Fuller UltraShift
    10-speed transmission – Available immediately on Century Class S/T and Columbia models, the fully automated transmission is a two-pedal system with no clutch pedal.
  • Cummins ISC engine – Offering power ratings from 240 to 330 hp, the 6-cylinder, 8.3-liter Cummins ISC engines will be available for the Business Class M2 106 truck in summer 2004.

625-hp Cat
Caterpillar released the biggest horsepower rating engine for an on-highway tractor with its introduction of the 625-hp “King of the Hill” C15 model.

The engine, which also comes in a 600-hp rating, is equipped with the company’s ACERT Technology to meet federal emissions standards.

The engine features 2,050 pounds-feet of torque at 1,200 rpm and constant torque at 1,700 rpm. The new C15 is designed for heavy haulers and owner-operators. Maximum horsepower is achieved at 1,800 rpm, with 595 hp at 2,100 rpm. The rating features a 38 percent torque rise.

While the engine is based on the 550-hp C15 design, it has higher flow series turbochargers, a unique camshaft and a more powerful electronic control module. It is available with two different engine retarders.

The company also announced additional ratings for its C13:

  • 470 hp at 1,550 pounds-feet.
  • 470 hp at 1,650 pounds-feet.
  • 470 hp at 1,550 pounds-feet /1,750 pounds-feet.
  • 500 hp at 1,650 pounds-feet.

Mack Mid-Rise Sleeper
Mack Trucks’ new 60-inch mid-rise sleeper will be available on CH and Vision models.

The CH and Vision model series currently consist of a 70-inch mid-rise, 48- and 56-inch flat-tops, and a daycab – all optimized for local and regional distribution. The new 60-inch mid-rise sleeper is designed for companies looking for more interior space than flat-top designs offer, without the added cost and weight of larger sleepers.

Mack is also adding 12,000- and 14,300-pound versions of its UniMax front axles. The new models join Mack’s line of 18,000-, 20,000-, and 23,000-pound axles. UniMax axles weigh less than comparable industry front axles and feature unitized wheel hubs that are permanently sealed with synthetic grease, virtually eliminating maintenance costs, the company says.

Impact Wrench
Ingersoll-Rand’s Productivity Solutions unit introduced the Ingersoll-Rand 2190Ti, a 1-inch, ultra-duty impact wrench that reduces the time it takes to remove lug nuts.

Featuring an innovative titanium design for enhanced durability, the IR 2190Ti weighs less than 14 pounds. The tool also features a unique chainsaw handle with a 6-inch extended anvil that makes it easy to operate. The 2190 Ti is also available with a traditional D-handle.