It's All Relative

By Robert Lake
[email protected]

It wasn’t easy to choose this year’s Great American Trucking Family. All the submissions were good, and many were outstanding. So it’s a real honor and great pleasure to announce the winners of the third annual Great American Trucking Family. Dennis and Jackie Breeden, from Plainville, Ind., and their family exemplify the values and traditions that create truly great trucking families. The Breeden extended family – past and present – includes 21 CDL holders. But it’s not just quantity that swayed the judges, it’s qualities like community service, safety and commitment to excellence that this family has in abundance.

What makes a Great American Trucking Family? Some qualities that come to mind include a professional approach to the business of trucking. A good safety record. A close-knit family that supports each other. Multiple generations of good trucking examples and role models.

The ties that bind the Breeden family are tightly woven throughout the extended family members. Beginning with Kermit Osmon, Dennis’s grandfather who began hauling in the ’30s, a great sense of family loyalty and loyalty toward trucking makes them stand out from the rest. Extended trucking family members include brothers, cousins, uncles and in-laws.

Not only do they take care of their own, they reach out to others. Carl and Debra Breeden have transported relief supplies to a Navaho Indian reservation in New Mexico. Rev. Bill Breeden is part of a prison ministry, Read to Me, and Carl and Debra, along with Dennis and Jackie have worked with Feed My Sheep, a program that helps low-income families and individuals. All of them pitch in to help those less fortunate, building a reputation in their community for a family that cares about others.

Join me and the editors of Truckers News at The Great American Trucking Show in Dallas on Sept. 9-12, where the Breeden family will be introduced and presented with their award. Meanwhile, if you know of a family you’d like to nominate for next year’s contest, see page 126 for details. If your own family qualifies, be sure to enter. Finally, if you submitted an entry this year, feel free to re-submit for next year. We look forward to hearing from you.