How would you change the hours-of-service rule?

“Hours on duty. I’d want to be able to break up the hours. If I stop here for an hour, that shouldn’t count for my total time. I like the restart and the extra hours.”
Floyd Schmelter
Beaver Dam, Ohio
Northwest Ohio Towing

“Bring 10 hours [of downtime] back to eight hours. I would keep the 34-hour rule the same.”
Terrell Harris
Jackson, Miss.

“[I would make it] a little more simpler. It’s confusing for new
Wayne Bryant
Summertown, Tenn.
Warner Enterprise

“Do away with all of it. No, I’m just kidding. Honestly, I kind of like it the way it is now. A lot of guys out here don’t like it because they just keep on running and running and running.”
Jim Rollins
Dallas, Ga.
R&G Enterprise

“It helped me. I can’t complain. There is one part [I would change]. They gave us an hour extra driving, but we get two hours extra sleep. It used to give me 15 hours out of 24 and now it’s 14. But as far as the actual driving, it helped me.”
Billy Stubbs
Franklinton, La.
Milk Transport

“Throw it out the window and redo it. The hours you got, if something needs to be delivered, it’s got to be on time. I’d scale back the sleeping hours. A normal person doesn’t sleep 10 hours.”
Tim Cranford
Warner Enterprise
Troy, N.C.

“Nothing. I like it. You get a lot more driving hours and less time to sit around.”
Joel Stupalski
Bedford, Mass.
Don Vigeant

“Leave them the way they are. Anyone who says any differently should be hit in the head. It’s set up perfect the way it is. The only drawback is everyone wants to do the same thing – get up and go at 6 in the morning, and shut down at 8. Truckstops are getting crowded; rest stops are getting crowded. But after driving you get to sit down and relax. You aren’t running around trying to beat the clock.”
Mike Boutwell
Ozark, Ala.
Warner Transport

“Instead of being able to go off-duty, you have to log everything now. On the old rules, whenever we were at the shipper getting loaded for less than two hours, we could go off-duty. But now you have to stay on-duty and log your hours. Everything else is good – the hours and the driving time. I like the 34-hour restart.”
John Coleman
Jackson, Miss.
Star Transport

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“It was doing fine the way it was. I prefer they had kept it the way it was. Most drivers don’t sleep eight hours, so you know they won’t sleep 10. But I do like the 34-hour restart. But coming home on the weekend, I like being able to start with 70 hours.”
Jerry Meriweather
Augusta, Ga.

“The old hours of service were OK. It’s not exactly the hours of service that’s the dilemma. In short, it’s the prices of equipment – tires out here on the road, work on your tractor, high gas prices, freight rates. I think the hours of service either way is OK, but the rates

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