Bloodstream – Tess Gerritsen

Reviewed by Melanie Thrasher
Company Driver,
Surratt Transport

Listening Time: 3 hours
Publisher: Encore
Retail: $9.95
Genre: Mystery/suspense

Plot: Dr. Claire Elliott thinks she found the perfect, safe, small town to raise her son Noah and start up a practice after the loss of her husband. Soon teens in the town start becoming increasingly violent, committing terrible crimes. Townsfolk think these are just bad kids, but Dr. Elliott thinks some sort of medical or biological reason could be responsible, and it’s up to the new doctor in town to find out what’s going on before more teens and even her son fall victim to the unknown epidemic.

What was your favorite moment/scene in the book? When Dr. Elliott starts putting a pattern together about all the kids having the same abnormal peaks in their blood-gas readings and that the cause could be environmental.

Which character was your favorite? Why? Dr. Elliott. She’s a strong woman who has just lost her husband, trying to raise her teen son as best she can while trying to take care of all her patients.

Did the book have a message or a theme that stood out to you? What we do to our environment really can affect nature and our surroundings. Places we take for granted and animals may not be here one day if things continue and pollution continues to be more rampant.

What did you like about the book? Dislike? I liked the mystery of it. You think you have it figured out, but then there’s another terrible variable you didn’t see coming. There is also a little chance for a romance for Claire Elliott, and even son Noah seems to develop a relationship with a nice girl. Not overly romantic; men would find it as good a book as women.

Would you recommend?: Absolutely. Tess Gerritsen is a terrific writer. If you like medical mysteries or thrillers, she’s your author and this is the book for you.

Narrator’s style: I thought the narrator Jan Maxwell was very good. She spoke clearly and made each character have their own voice.

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How would you grade the book? A+

Under the Color of Law – Michael McGarrity

Reviewed by Rex Huskey
Baker Packing

Listening Time: 6 hours
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Retail: $26
Genre: Mystery

Plot: The book is about police Chief Kevin Kerney and the murder of an ambassador’s wife. When Kerney is trying to solve it, the FBI steps in and takes over, saying they have solved it. Kerney does not believe them and keeps working on it. This story shows how far the government will go to cover something up.

What was your favorite moment/scene in the book? At the end when Kerney exposes them all and tells just what happened.

Which character was your favorite? Why? Chief Kerney because he’s a bulldog and won’t let go till it’s over to his liking.

Did the book have a message or a theme that stood out to you? It shows you how some men don’t care about anyone but themselves and to cover up what they don’t want known.
What did you like about the book? Dislike? This book keeps you listening to the very end. You always want to know what’s going to happen next.

Would you recommend?: Yes, it is just a really good story. I like the writer’s style – just the right amount of suspense to keep you hooked.

Narrator’s style: Daniel Purdham is what I call easy-listening – good voice and easy to follow.

How would you grade the book? B+

The Taking – Dean Koontz
The Taking is the story of a community cut off from a world under siege, and the terrifying battle for survival waged by a young couple and their neighbors as familiar streets become fog-shrouded death traps. Gripping, heartbreaking, and triumphant in the face of mankind’s darkest hour, here is a small-town slice-of-doomsday thriller.

On the morning that will mark the end of the world they have known, Molly and Neil Sloan awaken to the drumbeat of rain on their roof. A strange scent hangs in the air, and the young couple cannot shake the sense of something wrong.

As hours pass and the rain continues to fall, Molly and Neil listen to disturbing news of extreme weather phenomenon across the globe. Before evening, their small California mountain town loses television and radio reception. Then telephone and the Internet are gone. With the ceaseless rain now comes an obscuring fog that transforms the once-friendly village into a ghostly labyrinth.

In the night, strange noises arise, and at a distance, in the rain and the mist, mysterious lights are seen drifting among the trees. Soon Molly, Neil and their small band of friends will be forced to draw on reserves of strength, courage and humanity they never knew they had. For within the misty gloom they will encounter something that reveals in a terrifying instant what is happening to their world – something that is hunting them with ruthless efficiency.
9 1/2 hours
Retail: $39.95
Random House Audio

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