Comfort Like Home

Vector 12-volt electric blanket.

When you live most of your life in the cab of a truck, luxury and convenience aren’t always easy to come by. But with these comfort-creating devices, maybe for a moment you can forget you’re out on the road and imagine you’re back where the house and the smiles are warm.

Toasty Warm
The cold wind may be blowing outside your cab, but inside you’ll be warm under this 12-volt electric blanket made by Vector. It plugs into a 12-volt lighter socket or a 12-volt battery, using a lighter socket or Vector adaptors. The low amperage (6 amps) means less draw on your battery, and automatic temperature control maintains temperature between 108 degrees and 131 degrees F, the company says. A 6-foot cord gives you room to maneuver. The cozy fleece blanket measures 60 by 40 inches and sells for between $30 and $40 from various retailers.

High and Dry
Nothing says discomfort like a pair of cold, wet shoes. Put a Coldmate Princess International E150 Sur-Dry cordless shoe dehumidifier in each shoe, and you’ll have dry shoes in the morning. The non-toxic granules inside will dehumidify and absorb moisture, the company says. The device doesn’t use heat, so it won’t cause your shoes to harden or crack, and it has a bonus benefit of deodorizing the shoes. You can look at a see-through indicator window to check the status of absorption – when the granules turn from blue to pink, all the moisture is absorbed. The device recharges for continuous use with a flip-out plug. A full charge is good for five or six uses. You can buy a pair for about $25 from or other retailers.

Sleep Tight
Get a good night’s (or afternoon’s) sleep on the go. You can roll up this supportive foam Bay Jacobsen Combiflex pillow by Jobri and take it with you. The Visco-elastic memory foam conforms to the shape of your head for perfect support, the company says. Velcro straps allow the pillow to be rolled and compacted for easy storage. Open-cell structure and a ventilating air duct system keeps the pillow fresh and odor free, and the foam can be hand-washed. The pillow, available in navy blue only, sells for $60 (including shipping) from this site.

Hot Drinks
Imagine curling up in your cab with a cup of warm cocoa and that letter from home. With Bodum’s convenient warming plate, you can keep your coffee, tea or cocoa drinkable all day long. The plate maintains the perfect drinking temperature for coffee, tea or soup in any glass, ceramic or china cup or bowl – sorry, no Styrofoam or plastic. It can also hold a small teapot, keeping the contents warm without further brewing. The 5-inch round plate features an on/off switch with an indicator light and a 6-foot cord. When unplugged, the plate wipes clean with a damp cloth. The warming plate does not heat up cold drinks. It sells for about $10 from various retailers.

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