How Do You Feel About Onboard Recorders?

“I think they’re a bunch of junk. You just do whatever you can do to get the job done.”
Sean Fletcher (with his son Bryson)
Owner-operator, Fletcher Trucking
Pratt, Kan.

“I think the federal government is too involved in our personal business. I think the organizations like Mothers Against Drunk Driving are good to a certain point, but I think they need to know how much what they’re doing is getting in our personal business and costing the government money. I also think we need to get someone in office who is not affiliated with the petroleum industry.”
Lynn Harris
KLS Carriers
Waco, Texas

“I feel we don’t need them. I think it’s a little bit against your privacy. Here you’ve got a recorder that follows every move you make. I just don’t agree with it.”
William Cannon
J & C Transport
Bullard, Texas

“I’ve got two different views on it. One, the outlaw’s view: They don’t want them. Two, my view: I don’t mind them because they can get 90 percent of that information already.”
Cliff Littlejohn
Roland, Okla.

“It’s just like having the police watching. They’re just keeping an eye on you to see what you’re doing.”
Randall Logan
A Bar K Express
Jefferson, Texas

“I don’t like them. Why should they record everything you do? I’ve been through that before with a company that had computers, and they weren’t accurate.”
Billy Phillips
Midlothian, Texas

“It ain’t right. It’s none of their business when I go, what I do, where I stop.”
David Scott
Krum, Texas

“OK, I guess. With other companies that are going to electronic logs, I don’t see any difference. But I don’t want anyone tracking me. I’m a Texan. I don’t even like Qualcomm tracking me. But there are benefits, to me. I ran out of gas, and by me calling in, as soon as they looked it up they saw where I was and no problem.”
Jon Hall
Owner-operator Choctaw Express
Frisco, Texas

“I don’t think that’s good for the owner-operator, any truck driver. They might as well put the DOT in the truck with you.”
Darrell Love
D & K Transportation
Lodi, Texas

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