Safety Plus

The Blizzard Blade is a 12-volt heated windshield wiper blade that melts away snow and ice as it moves.

Whether its braving unpredictable weather or careless fellow drivers, safety always has to stay at the forefront of a trucker’s mind. You don’t have to have gadgets to protect yourself – good training and concentration will usually suffice – but it never hurts to overdo it when it comes to safety.

It’s Predictable
Bad weather can be dangerous for a driver, especially if you don’t know it’s coming. With the Kestrel 3000, you can become an amateur meteorologist. The handheld digital instrument reads the relative humidity, heat stress index, dew point temperature, wind chill, wind speed and temperature, all clues to bad or good weather. The device measures humidity with an accuracy of +/- 3 degrees, temperature within +/- 1 degree and wind speed within 3 percent, the company says. The Kestrel 3000 retails for $159, and its counterparts the Kestrel 2000 (which measures wind speed, temperature and wind chill) sells for $119 and Kestrel 1000 (which measures only wind speed) sells for $89.

Watch Out for My Truck!
Other trucks maneuvering in a parking lot will never miss the sight of these big yellow caution signs on your fender spot mirrors. The mitts also help prevent accidents from people walking around your truck, the company says. The 18- by 16-inch bright yellow foam pads slip on over fender spot mirrors and feature the phrase, “Safety is no Accident” on the front and back sides. The pads are made from flame-retardant, moisture-resistant foam joined by Velcro one-wrap straps. Mirror Mitts sell by the pair for $49.99 at this site.

Accident Aid
Everyone who drives runs the risk of becoming involved in an accident, and a simple device attached to your seat belt with Velcro can give the police and paramedics at the scene the needed edge to save your life. In bright red with the medical alert logo, the Rescue Facts Information Pack cloth folder contains vital information about the person behind the belt and his/her blood type, allergies, medical conditions, primary physician and more. Developed by a police officer and a former EMT who now owns a towing business, Rescue Facts is for sale at this site for $9.95 plus shipping.

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A Clear View
In the winter months, snow and ice accumulation on the windshield can become a safety hazard. After struggling with his wipers through a snowstorm, trucker Ron Guell invented the Blizzard Blade, a 12-volt heated windshield wiper blade that melts away snow and ice as it moves. The blade installs on the vehicle’s existing wiper arm and connects with direct wire or via the lighter plug. Blades are sold individually or by the pair in three different lengths. Prices for pairs of blades with power cord range from $115 to $185 at this site, or you can buy a $39.95 thermal kit to create a heated system with your existing wipers.