What's Your Trucking Goal for 2005?

“Buy my own truck.”
Fran Collins
Cincinnati, Ohio

“Make all I can make.”
Ben Baxter
Ackerman, Miss.

“More money.”
Osman Fernandez
San Diego, Calif.
Duck Transportation LLC

“No accidents. Safety.”
Paul Harris
Terrell, Texas

“More money. That’s
simple, ain’t it?”
W.H. Pointer
Marion, La.
Lee’s Trucking

“Make money. Make my own time.”
Major Suttles
Lafayette, Ga.
Logistics International

“Get home as much as possible.”
David Hancock
Moody, Texas
Overnite Transportation

“Be home more.”
Craig McRae
Watts Trucking

“To get out of it. Too many rules and regulations, and they’re getting too many more. I’ve been in it 30 years, and that’s too long and I’m too old.”
Rex Mitchell
Pell City, Ala.
American Logistics

“Get the miles.”
Miguel Mendoza
Moreno Valley, Calif.
J&M Mendoza