Op-Center: Call to Treason – Tom Clancy

Reviewed by Jack Hadley
Schneider National

Listening Time: 4.5 hours
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Retail: $26
Genre: Mystery, drama

Plot: A short-sighted and politically motivated congressional decision cuts the Op-Center budget, and the second-in-command Gen. Mike Rodgers is the first to experience downsizing. However, he isn’t out of work long. An ambitious senator, Donald Orr, is forming a third political party for president. He is looking for a strong military adviser and future secretary of defense. Rodgers must decide if he is going to aid the senator in his bid for office or into a prison cell. There are several disturbing areas the general must address before he can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

What was your favorite moment/scene in the book? When the truth of all the deceit in the new political hierarchy is brought to light and all is exposed for what the USF is really all about, a power grab of the United States, the constitution and the economic base.

Which character was your favorite? Why? The general because of his integrity, loyalty, ethics and desire to insure the United States gets what it truly deserves.

Did the book have a message or a theme that stood out to you? The awesome power of American defense, intelligence and crisis management technology – if used properly – can defend the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Would you recommend?: Yes, it’s enjoyable entertainment that makes the miles go by faster.
Narrator’s style: The reader, Adam Grupper, needed to use different voices for each of the characters and remember to use and maintain those voices for each character each time the character speaks.

How would you grade the book? B

Sixty Days in Combat – Dean P. Joy

Reviewed by Thomas Burton
Company driver
Marvin Keller Trucking, Inc.

Listening Time: 2 hours
Publisher: Random House
Retail: $9.99
Genre: Memoir

Plot: This book was about Dean Joy’s time in World War II. It talks about his 60 days in combat and the movements that he did.

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Did the book have a message or a theme that stood out to you? Only that we should be proud of the men and women who served our armed forces.

What did you like about the book? Dislike? I liked hearing the stories about what happened over there, but there was not much if any story/plot.

Would you recommend?: Yes, just because of the history we learn from our veterans and not just what is printed in the history books.

Narrator’s style: There was no chance for the narrator to show a style on this type of book.

How would you grade the book? C

A Salty Piece of Land – by Jimmy Buffett
It’s not on any chart, but the tropical island of Cayo Loco is the perfect place to run away from all your problems. If you’re looking for a license to chill, come along as cowboy Tully Mars takes his pony to the shore on an unforgettable Caribbean adventure as colorful and wonderfully bizarre as cocktail hour at your favorite expatriate bar.

From a lovely sunset sail in Punta Margarita to a wild spring-break foam party in San Pedro, Tully encounters an assortment of treasure hunters, rock stars, sailors, seaplane pilots, pirates and even a ghost or two.

Waking on a beach, Tully can’t believe his eyes when a 142-foot schooner emerges out of the ocean mist. At its helm is Cleopatra Highbourne, the eccentric 101-year-old sea captain who will take him to a lighthouse on a salty piece of land that will change his life forever.

Jimmy Buffett weaves a mesmerizing tale that combines humor and emotional reflection. Also included is a new single by the bestselling musician and author.

Abridged on 8 CDs
Retail: $39.98
TimeWarner AudioBooks

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