What is Your Favorite Time of Day to Drive?

“I prefer driving in the late afternoon or early evening. That’s when I’m most awake because I’m not a morning person.”
John Linthicum
Crete, HTL

“I only drive during the day to keep a normal sleep pattern. I like sleeping at night.”
Raymond James
Baton Rouge, La.

“I like to drive early in the morning because there aren’t any little cars out on the road.”
Jeff Barnes
Von Transport
Columbus, Ga.

“I like to drive at midnight when there is less traffic to fight. I like to sleep during the day because it makes for easier driving.”
Danny Seal
Franklinton, La.

“I like to drive at night when I’m wide awake. I’ve always been a night owl.”
Joe Miller

“Driving is best between 10 p.m. and daylight because there is no traffic.”
Jeff Norsworthy
WTI Transport
Phoenix City, Ala.

“I like night the best because there is less traffic.”
Walter Fewell
Swift/US Express
San Antonio, Texas

“Driving at night is more peaceful because there is less traffic to mess with.”
David Wright
USA Truck
Centerville, Tenn.

“I like to drive at night because I can go fast, plus all the bad guys are in bed at that time of night.”
Chad McKey

“I start with deliveries and stop with pick-ups, so I drive at night. I’ve been driving at night for nine years, and there are no cops.”
Steve Kennedy
WTI Transport
Brookhaven, Miss.

“I like days because I can sleep better at night. There is more visibility during the day.”
Jane Hess
Robards Express.
Graysville, Tenn.