Don't Lie to Me

I have read the article “Who’s the Boss?” by Tim Barton [in the April 2003 issue], and I have some questions. What do you do when people will lie to you even face to face and promise the world and produce nothing? Some people say whatever it takes to get you in the door, and then when you’re hired, they stick you with the truth. Then if you leave because your needs are not going to be met, some companies will say you have an unstable work history.

This same situation has happened to me, and now I’m looking again. I would like to find a company where I’ll never have to fill out another application, but it’s very difficult.

Jack Wilder
Columbus, Ga.

America at War
(A number of readers wrote to us about Editor Randy Grider’s column ‘True Allegiance’ in the May 2003 issue.)

‘…celebrity rantings’
As a Vietnam veteran, I understand first hand the destructiveness of anti-war demonstrations. While I support the right of dissent, every right has a responsibility attached. During the discussion phase and up to the committing of troops, dissension is healthy and necessary, but anti-war demonstrators disrupting traffic, issuing outrageous statements and attacking our president and government in foreign nations is irresponsible. Even that can be accepted, reluctantly, as expressions of freedom. But once the first American enters combat, everything changes.

The rantings of celebrities, which at a minimum are disrespectful, as well as those citizens who continue to demonstrate for peace, accomplish two very destructive things. First, they are demoralizing to American troops, and more importantly those actions give hope to the enemies our men and women face on the battlefield. They can be given the mistaken idea that while they cannot win on the battlefield, they can prevail on the streets of America.

Paul A. Spera
Past Commander in Chief
Veterans of Foreign Wars

‘… waiting for that stance’
Thank you! Against the war, but support the troops? I’ve been waiting for someone to comment on that stance for months now.

Partner Insights
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Keep up the good work, guys!

Darin Heinemeyer,
Director of Recruiting,
Dart Transit Company

‘… poisonous remarks’
It’s good to know that there are many of us in this country that are still sane and aren’t deceived yet by the left-winged, socialist mindset. I agree with you completely that there are too many people in this country hurting it by poisonous remarks and policies while using “freedom of speech” as protection. May God have mercy on the future of our country if people with this mindset continue to be more pervasive in our society.

Kris Thomason
Maverick Recruiting

‘…to come home safely’
I have to strongly disagree with your argument that one can’t be for the troops but against a war.

If you had a son or daughter in the military, wouldn’t you support and care about them, and be in favor of better living conditions and pay? Naturally, you would be desirous of their continued health and safety. And furthermore, if you felt a war was unnecessary, unjustified and based on lies, wouldn’t you be vehemently opposed to letting your offspring waste his or her life in such a war? If the war were already underway you could still want them to come home safely, and if you truly thought the war was unnecessary, it would not matter if they had to pull out without completing their mission.

It seems logical to me that support for the troops can go hand in hand with opposition to a war that is not in the best interests of America. It also seems logical to me that the true threat is from a nuclear weapon hidden in a cargo container or a boat of Cuban refugees, and a strong defense requires that our troops should be on our borders, not halfway around the world blowing up 20-year-old tanks.

Howard Walter
Packwood, Wash.

Getting the Star Treatment
Thanks so much for a great story about my company, Motorcycle Freight, in the May issue.
The reaction has been incredible. I receive between 40 and 60 calls per day from drivers who have seen the story and want to come drive for me. I also picked up a new customer who has hired me to haul bikes to Sturgis.

Everywhere I go I’m treated like a movie star due to the exposure in your publication.
Congratulations on a job well done.

Rick Rosen
President, Motorcycle Freight

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