Love and Danger in Primrose Creek

The Last Chance Café –
Linda Lael Miller

Reviewed by Linda and Keith Smith
Company drivers

Listening Time: 4.5 hours
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Retail: $25
Genre: Romance/mystery

Plot: At the funeral of her stepfather Lou Waitland, Hallie O’Rourke grits her teeth and swears to solve the mystery of who shot her dad in his home. She eventually finds a cashbox and evidence her dad had carefully hidden. Her ex-husband, Joel O’Rourke, an assistant district attorney, suddenly decides to try and get back together with Hallie, but she sees no future with him, even though their 7-year-old twin girls Kera and Kiley would have liked that. Joel finds out Hallie has found the cashbox, and the two get into a physical fight about it, which ends with Hallie and the children making a run for it, using her dad’s old pickup truck.

The escape is a good one, but the old heap breaks down at Primrose Creek, Nev. The local café gives her a job, and Chance Qualtrough offers his aunt’s log home for a place to stay. The people in this tiny town are all very happy to make this new family welcome. And Hallie finds herself caught up in the local lifestyle and taking care of horses for Chance’s aunt.

Chance and Hallie fall in love, and she admits her problems in solving the murder of her dad. Chance’s brother, the local sheriff, and the FBI become involved. Eventually there’s a shooting, and the bad guys try to kill Chance. When the dust settles there’s also some suspense as to whether the two lovebirds will ever get back together.

Would you recommend?: I recommend this to drivers who enjoy a romance novel.

Narrator’s style: The narrator has a pleasant voice that convinces you that she very well could be the main character.

How would you rate the book? B

Grave Secrets –
Kathy Reichs

Reviewed by Vicky Stowers
Wife of owner-operator

Listening Time: 8.5 hours
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Retail: $35
Genre: Suspense/thriller

Plot: Dr. Temperance Brennan and her team of forensic anthropologists are on a dig in a village in Guatemala. Soldiers ravaged the village in 1982, and people died or disappeared. Brennan is called away to help on another case where some remains have turned up in a septic tank and soon finds herself caught in a dangerous web. She has to choose which way to go or end up dead.

What’s best (or not)? I liked the way the places were described. Author Kathy Reichs makes you feel as if you are there, right in the midst of danger, and when the bullets fly you almost duck.

Would you recommend?: Yes, to anyone who enjoys reading about anthropology or any fast-pasted suspense action.

Narrator’s style: Katherine Borowitz did a great job of reading this book. I particularly liked the personality she added to each character.

How would you rate the book? A-


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Jinxed –
Carol Higgins Clark

Smart, saucy sleuth Regan Reilly faces a new challenge – the case of the missing wedding guest. Regan, an L.A.-based private detective, gets an excited call from Lilac Weldon, former hippy and co-owner of a winery called Altered States. The Weldon family has been invited to the wedding of 93-year-old Lucretia Standish, a former silent-screen star who made a killing in a dot-com before it went bankrupt and plans to give the Weldons $2 million each – if they all show up at her wedding in two days. However, Lilac’s daughter Whitney, aka Freshness, a young actress, is out of touch and goes where the wind blows. If it doesn’t blow her back into town by Sunday morning, the Weldon family will be out $8 million.

Regan’s job is to find Whitney. But Lucretia’s fiancé, the much younger Edward Fields, is also on the hunt. He’s hired an accomplice in crime to locate Whitney and get rid of her.

4.5 hours
Retail: $25
Simon & Schuster Audio

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