Patriotic Pedestrian

Veteran trucker and songwriter Judy Corvin says driving her rig puts her “in the state of mind to receive inspiration.”

Corvin, who drives a Century Class Freightliner pulling 53-foot reefers for Cooke Trucking Company of Mt. Airy, N.C., has been writing songs since she was very young.

But it wasn’t until she started trucking that the inspiration for songs came regularly to her. She says it’s “the constantly changing scenery and the time to think, but especially the solitude” that keep her creative fires burning.

While driving last summer, she was inspired to pen a song about the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Titled “It’s Not Over ’till That Lady Sings,” the song is a power ballad about the Statue of Liberty, the freedom she represents to Americans everywhere and the ultimate price that so many have paid for the freedoms we enjoy.

Now Corvin is taking time off from the job she loves to walk across America to keep the memory of Sept. 11’s fallen heroes and innocent victims alive and to show her support for American troops in the continuing war on terror.

Whether she’s walking or resting in her motor home, Corvin says she’ll be easy for truckers to spot.

“I hope the truckers will let me know that they support me when they see me on the road in the Liberty Mobile by talking to me on the CB or by blowing their horns,” Corvin says. “They can’t miss me.”

Corvin’s motor home features red, white and blue stripes and yellow ribbons. The words “Walk Across America – Remembering our Fallen Heroes of 9-11” are written on the sides. When she walks, Colvin wears a red cap and a backpack with a sign that says “Walk Across America, Remembering Our Fallen Heroes, Supporting Our Troops,” and she carries a 5-foot American flag.
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