Innovations for Truckers

Liquid Wrench Upgrades

Radiator Specialty Company has upgraded three of its flagship products bearing the Liquid Wrench brand name. Each has undergone extensive formula improvement and will now also be packaged in new, contemporary styled lithographed cans.

Liquid Wrench Super Pentrant is now a more powerful blend of quick-acting, super-penetrating solvents. Liquid Wrench has been reformulated with improved penetration, better anti-corrosion properties, higher solids, and is a lower odor formula with a low VOC content, the company says.

Liquid Wrench Super Lubricant has been reformulated for better lubricity, corrosion protection and lower VOCs. The new formula is low odor and contains higher solids for better performance. The new formulation displaces water while penetrating metal surfaces.
Liquid Wrench Non-flammable Super Lubricant/Penetrant with PTFE now features an improved rust inhibitor, and it contains less than 2 percent VOCs and meets all state and federal VOC requirements.

The new aerosol cans should be hitting shelves by mid-July.

Radiator Specialty Company
(877) GO-4-GUNK

Seven Tires

Continental Tire North America recently released its “magnificent seven” series of new truck tires.

They include:

  • The HSL Eco Plus, a long-haul, steer tire with 18/32-inch tread and equal rib widths which, says Continental, evenly distribute pressure, providing long mileage, reduced rolling resistance and decreased irregular wear. A stone-ejection system is designed to reduce casing penetration;
  • The HDL Eco Plus, a long-haul drive tire with 28/32-inch tread and a new tread compound, claimed to provide long mileage and low rolling resistance. A closed-shoulder tread design, says Continental, provides even tread wear while providing excellent traction.
  • The HTL, a long-haul trailer tire, with 13/32-inch tread and a shoulder-protection rib, designed to provide long mileage and resistance to shoulder wear. Scuff ribs are added to
    protect the sidewall from curbing damage. The HTL and all Continental rib-pattern tires come with a Visual Alignment Indicator – a series of small indentations that wear smooth at different rates. There’s a set on each shoulder for side-to-side comparison and easy detection of alignment problems.
  • The HSU, a 10,000-pound on/off highway heavy service tire with 24/32-inch tread depth and special cut- and tear-resistant tread compound features a curb rib that reduces damage from curbing, cuts and abrasions, and the Visual Alignment Indicator System alerts users to tire tracking problems.
  • The HSC, an all-position on/off highway service tire, with 23/32-inch tread depth and cut/chip-resistant tread compound offers sidewall profile with a curb rib that reduces damage from curbing, cuts and abrasions and a Stone Ejection System that reduces stone retention and casing penetrations.
  • The HDC, an on/off highway drive tire, with a 30/32-inch tread depth and tread design utilizing lateral grooves and sipes, which enhances traction in all weather conditions. New sidewall profile with a curb rib reduces damage from curbing, cuts and abrasions while innovative groove angles prevent stone retention and casing penetrations.
  • The HDO, an off-highway drive tire, with a 32/32-inch tread depth and aggressive, self-cleaning tread pattern that enhances traction. New sidewall profile with a curb rib reduces damage from curbing, cuts and abrasions. Stone Ejection System reduces stone retention and casing penetrations.

    Continental Tire North America

    Graffiti Remover

    Dumond Chemicals, Inc. has expanded its line of graffiti protection and removal products. The newest weapon in Dumond’s anti graffiti arsenal is Lift Away

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