Operation Hard Hat Targets Work Zone Speeders

That might be a surveyor you spotted in a construction zone along Alabama’s highways, or it might be a state trooper using new laser speed detection devices.

Operation Hard Hat is intended to crack down on speed limit violators in construction zones on Interstate 20 and elsewhere in Alabama, according to a press release from the Alabama Department of Public Safety.

A $30,000 grant from the Alabama Department of Transportation will fund nine new speed detection devices for troopers, who will be dressed in work clothes, safety vests and hard hats.

The device can either be hand-held or mounted on tripods to appear similar to survey equipment. When a trooper records a speed violator, he radios the vehicle’s description to a trooper in a patrol vehicle who will stop the violator.

Associated Press reported another Alabama campaign that will begin in late summer is already underway in New Jersey and California: dummy cops. Department store mannequins will be dressed as officers and placed in parked trooper and police cars.

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