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Harley tool chest
Snap-on Tools Company salutes 100 years of Harley-Davidson motorcycles with a commemorative 100th Anniversary Harley-Davidson Top Chest tool storage unit. Designed for the Harley-Davidson enthusiast, the limited-edition top chest sports a custom silver paint job with special drawer trim and a decorative Harley-Davidson panel on the drop front.

In addition to its distinctive graphics, the new KRA4055PIF Top Chest features 4,448 cubic inches of storage space and measures 26 inches long, 14.75 inches deep and 17.19 inches high.

Snap-on Tools Company
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Hand truck tires
Carefree Tire’s hand truck tire is manufactured using a customized formula of Advanced Polymeric Urethane that makes it flat-proof without adding any significant weight, the company says.

The tire measures 10.5 inches high, 3 inches wide and come with standard 2.25-inch offset hub length. It lasts four to 10 times longer than similar pneumatic tires and requires less effort to roll, says the company. It also comes in a variety of colors.

Carefree Tire

Hand wipes
New Permatex Fast Orange Hand Cleaner Wipes feature orange, dual-textured towels and an Orange d-limonene-based cleaning formula. The pre-moistened, heavy-duty towels are strong and cut through tough jobs without falling apart, the company says. The citrus cleaning formula removes grease, grime, ink, paints, resins, glue and other difficult soils.

The wipes are available in a 30-count bucket for the individual user and a 72-count bucket for a heavier user or shop.

Permatex Inc.

New drive tire
Michelin’s new XDN 2 drive tire incorporates the unique Matrix multi-dimensional siping, which makes the individual tread blocks work together as a solid rib to deliver even wear. Matrix siping also allows the tread blocks to function independently when needed with 1,300 biting edges for increased wet traction and excellent performance on hard packed snow and icy surfaces, the company says.

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The new 27/32-inch-tread-depth tire is being offered in 11R22.5, 11R24.5, 275/80R22.5, 275/80R24.5 and 12R22.5 sizes. It will be available through Michelin commercial truck tire dealers.


Steering wheel tray
The Better Mousetrap People’s Pit Stop Car Tray is a lightweight tray that snugly attaches to the bottom of your steering wheel. It creates a flat table surface for truck-bound tasks like writing, reading and eating. Made of hardboard, the tray will not bend during use and supports arm pressure, the company says. The tray measures 12 x 10 x .25 inches with notches on both sides to secure to various steering wheels and can be stored by slipping it beside the driver’s seat or under a car mat. Suggested retail for the tray is $5.49.

The Better Mousetrap People
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Waterless cleaning
DWG International’s new Power Blast is a delivery system for the company’s Dri Wash ‘n’ Guard waterless car wash. The new delivery system allows for faster application of the product, which cleans, seals and polishes vehicles without water.

Based on the success of the Dri Wash ‘n’ Guard products, the company has also launched an entire line of waterless cleaning products.

The new line will feature products allowing people to clean glass, mirrors, countertops, tile, appliances, carpet, fabric, upholstery, metal, jewelry, leather, vinyl, tires and more without using water.

DWG International
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Tag axle
Dana Corporation’s new patent-pending tag axle is specifically designed for 6 x 2 vehicle configurations requiring reduced weight in a variety of heavy-duty truck applications. Weighing in at only 255 pounds, the Dana Spicer tag axle features the same external geometry as a standard drive axle to enable the use of conventional torque rod brackets and axle seats that are compatible with air-ride suspension systems.

The new tag axle provides operators with one of the lightest 6 x 2 packages in the commercial vehicle industry when specified with a Dana Spicer 23,000-pound, or 21,000 GAWR single-reduction, single-drive axle, the company says.

Designated as axle model number R22BS and rated up to 22,000 pounds, the tag axle housing profile and box size are common with the Dana Spicer DS404 tandem drive axle for 6 x 4 configurations. The R22BS also includes standard “R” series spindles, which are compatible with standard truck wheel-ends or the Dana Spicer LMSTM hubs to help ensure consistent, reliable road service.

Dana Corporation
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Tire inflation system
The new Airgo System constant tire inflation system features a case-hardened steel and carbon graphite rotary seal installed outside the hub. The seal vents externally to eliminate the risk of hub pressurization, which enables fleet maintenance professionals to maintain proper inflation levels without jeopardizing wheel-end components, the company says.

The system’s patented, removable expansion plug for sealing the axle installs in less than two hours, does not require specialized tools and is easily removed for periodic cleaning of the axle, the company says. It is compatible with all hubcap configurations (oil and grease) and axle specifications (pressurized and non-pressurized).

All hubcap components are sealed to eliminate water or debris from entering the hub area. The system’s electrical switch is environmentally sealed, providing protection from the elements and eliminating dangerous spiking and sparks.

The Airgo System’s design is backed by a five-year, unlimited-miles warranty. It is available immediately to fleets of all sizes at a suggested retail price of $795 (tandem axle, eight tire applications). OEM and distributor pricing also are available.

Airgo Systems
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Brake technology
Haldex’s new 3000 series Haldex Friction products are made with a fiber coating process called cross-link technology to improve braking performance. The new technology creates a more complete bonding of resin and fiber, giving Haldex Friction products more strength, the company says.

Cross-link technology optimizes the bonding of key ingredients to the fibers, allowing for more friction modifiers and life-extending ingredients for enhanced lining life and superior friction stability. Cross-link technology reduces the need for abrasive fibers, improving brake drum life without sacrificing strength, the company says.


Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Peterbilt customers can now go online to provide feedback about their vehicle purchasing and ownership experiences through new web-based customer satisfaction surveys.

Peterbilt contacts customers 30 days and 18 months after their truck purchase to collect their comments and opinions on everything from interaction with the dealer salesperson to overall vehicle attributes, such as styling, ride quality and serviceability. Customers are contacted by letter and phone with instructions for taking the survey, and those who do not want to use the web-based option can complete the survey over the telephone with an independent, third-party service. Previously, the surveys were administered through the mail.

The surveys are available to Peterbilt customers only, and a valid chassis number is required. Customers who complete the survey are sent the Peterbilt TruckCare Parts and Services Coupon Book with more than $3,000 in parts and service discount vouchers for use at any Peterbilt dealership.