Shortage Relief

Robert Lake
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It’s not a surprise that truckers give their sweat and tears to their jobs, but what about their blood?

Nearly 18 million American adults don’t feel their blood donation would make a difference. An additional 13 million American adults say they would donate, but they aren’t sure how to go about it.

The amazing truth is that one pint of blood can help save up to three lives, and donors can safely donate every 56 days. Every two seconds someone in America needs blood, but only 5 percent of eligible people in the United States currently give blood. That’s why TravelCenters of America has teamed up with The American Red Cross to support one of the largest blood drive initiatives in American history – the Save a Life Tour 2003.

Over the next few months, two American Red Cross convoys will visit cities and small towns across the nation in an effort to address the nation’s critical blood shortage. TA is providing the fuel and routine maintenance for the trucks as they travel to more than 345 communities around the country.

Ed Kuhn, TA president, says he’s pleased TA can help support such an important initiative. “All of us have a stake in ensuring an adequate blood supply, and it’s our hope that local businesses, organizations and residents will become part of the solution by visiting the caravan when it arrives in their community,” Kuhn says.

TA has a history of involvement with the American Red Cross, and last year employees and customers donated 2,600 units of blood at Red Cross Bloodmobiles at TA locations nationwide. In addition, TA travel centers are used as staging areas for emergency response during Red Cross disaster relief efforts.

Truckers and those in the trucking industry are traditionally generous contributors to blood drives. After all, truckers are often first on the scene of bad accidents where the victims will require blood donations. I’m going to make sure I’m first in line when the Save a Life Tour 2003 comes to my town. Join me in donating blood and making a difference. Sometimes, it can be a matter of life or death.

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