Rolling Tour Exhibits

They often make people do double-takes when driving down the highway. They are adorned with brightly covered graphics that make them stand out from normal rigs.

If the decorations make you wonder, what’s inside often will amaze you. They are called
touring marketing events, and they promote everything from merchandise to memorials to services. Their sponsors often sink hundreds of thousands of dollars into these dolled-up rolling exhibits to catch your attention.

In the following stories, we are featuring just a few of the many exhibits on the road each day – tractor-trailers customized to promote, sell, educate or just leave you with a sense of wonder.

Trucker pilots world’s largest grill, inside and outside the rig

It’s a Jungle in There
Step inside this 53-footer, and you’re in a tropical rainforest

Drive Like Mike
Nike helps Jordan spread the love and merchandise

The Show Goes On
Shell Lubricants aims to educate and entertain with its new rolling exhibit, the Rotella Road Show

For Fly-Boy Wannabes
Navy jet fighter simulators help lure recruits

A Well-Oiled Class Machine
ChevronTexaco Global Lubricants’ Delo Truck is a classroom on wheels

A Moving Experience
Replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial allows millions to honor fallen heroes

On Track Against Asthma
NASCAR star helps promotedrug to fight chronic lung disease

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