Go for that Dream!

I’m writing to respond to Tommy Wilson’s letter in the August 2003 issue.

Buddy, I hear what you’re saying. You sound like me. But it sounds like you’ve given up. I know you have. I just reread your letter, and you said it yourself.

Too old? Hey, wasn’t Col. Sanders 65 when he got started?

And next time you’re home, go down to the video store and rent “The Rookie,” a true story about Jim Morris, who became a professional baseball player after teaching high school science.

Too old? George Foreman would laugh about that.

I want to be in movies someday, so my idol is Burt Mustin, a character actor who I think I read somewhere was 81 years young when he started. I’m behind the wheel myself, but only temporarily while I pay off some bills and save up some money. I’d like to think my dreams are only on hold.

If you still think you’re too old to be a country singer, maybe try as a background vocalist or studio musician. Maybe you’d make a good country DJ.

But too old? You’re only as old as you feel. Age? It’s only a number.

Good luck, my friend. Really, I only listen to country women, but I promise I’ll buy your first CD.

Dan Green
Yuma, Ariz.

CDL Numbers and Privacy

I don’t know how other drivers feel, but I don’t think it is very secure for us as drivers to have to give our CDL number to these people at the warehouses we deliver to. I have often asked why they have to record our numbers, and more times than not, I get either an attitude or a smart answer.

I can understand them wanting to see I.D. I don’t blame them. But how do we know the info we leave with them is kept in a secure manner? Some places have even gone so far as to make copies.

Maybe companies should give each driver an I.D. badge with an employee number, so just in case something happens, that shipper/receiver can contact the company, give the I.D. number and let the company take it from there. Sure, show your CDL, but only allow them to record or copy the company-issued I.D. information. That way, all of the driver’s personal info isn’t just “out there” for just anyone to get.

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Fred Brodus
Hampton, S.C.

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