The Latest for Truckers

Tire Chain Rack
Highway Products, Inc. is offering the Slider, a new chain rack. The Slider needs no clearance to open; the lid slides open towards the front, is secured to the rack and hangs down out of the way. The rack bolts to the truck frame and is designed for the chains to hang on either side of the carrier.

The Slider keeps the chains secure from theft or falling off the truck. The hinged lids are covered by the front locking plate, which can be padlocked. It easily holds two triple and one single set of tire chains, the company says.

Highway Products, Inc.

Coupon Book
The 2003/2004 Class Pays Coupon Book – offering more than $3,000 in savings on parts, accessories and service work – is now available at participating Peterbilt dealerships throughout the United States and Canada.

Among the 65 coupons in the new book are discounts for seats, fifth wheels, brake drums, sleeper mattresses and chrome accessories. Service offers include discounts on Peterbilt’s TruckCare QuickLube service. The new book also includes coupons for components branded through PACCAR Parts, such as Acrafit, ClimaTech, Dynacraft, INLINE, Mirrex, Paceline and RoadLeveler.

The coupon book is available at participating dealerships throughout the United States and Canada. The suggested retail price is $9.95.

Peterbilt Motors Co.

Washer Solvent Heater
The Safe-Vue washer solvent heater from Rostra Precision Controls works year-round by heating windshield washer solvent to melt ice and snow, remove road oils, tree sap, insects and other dirt or film.

Suitable for use in virtually any vehicle from commercial trucks to passenger vehicles, the patented system automatically heats the solvent in a separate reservoir within 90 seconds of a cold start. The unit is thermostatically controlled to prevent overheating and is insulated to continuously and safely keep the fluid warm, the company says.

Safe-Vue installs in line in the factory washer supply hose that connects the reservoir to the nozzles. The nozzles are mounted at the base of the windshield, in the hood or on the wiper arms. The system also is suitable for headlamp washer systems, and its compact design takes up little space under the hood.

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The system retails for $85 and carries a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty.

Rostra Precision Controls
(800) 782-3379

Aluminum Flatbed Trailer
East Manufacturing says it designed the MMX trailer to have the highest concentrated load rating available in a lightweight aluminum flatbed.

Rated to handle loads up to 72,000 pounds concentrated in 4 feet on a 48-foot long trailer, the East MMX’s patent-pending design uses 6061-T6 aluminum in its main beams and structural cross members, providing the durability of high tensile strength steel at less than half the weight, the company says.

The trailer comes standard with an air-ride suspension, patented Securetight winch track and locking tie-down system, water-resistant flat-mounted rear light panel and Securelight wiring that is fully enclosed and insulated from the weather. The MMX can be upgraded to include a patented concentrated load package that builds even more support into an 8-foot floor section to handle extra-concentrated loads like steel coils.

East Manufacturing
[email protected]

Nature Break
The Pit Stop, a truck-mounted urinal system, was developed and patented by a former trucker. It is spill-proof, leak-proof, odor resistant, and it has replaceable liners it is sanitary and germ-free.

The Pit Stop is currently in production and is available from Pit Stop Inc. at a suggested retail price of $99.

Pit Stop Inc.

Vehicle Humidifier
Mighty Air’s new Mighty Mist vehicle humidifier is designed for the trucking industry, RV and law enforcement vehicles. The patented design guarantees a comfortable level of moisture-enriched air, the company says. The unit is lightweight, low maintenance and priced under $100. The unit plugs into the 12-volt accessory outlet. Two sizes are available to allow water replenishment only once every 24 hours. The smaller unit is adequate for sedan-type law enforcement vehicles, while the larger unit serves the needs of the bigger trucks and RVs.

Mighty Air Inc.
(866) 850-2165

Odor and Stain Remover

New ForceOut Odor Eliminator and ForceOut Stain Remover from Quattro Brands of Minneapolis can get rid of the nasty odors and stains.

ForceOut Odor Eliminator is neither an air freshener nor a perfume. Instead, it changes the molecular structure of a scent to neutralize the odor. ForceOut Stain Remover eradicates a full range of stains – blood, sauce, mildew, ink, etc. Its formula contains no bleach or color brightener and is safe on clothes, furniture and carpet, in fact on all surfaces, the company says.

ForceOut products are non-toxic, safe to animals and humans, without harmful chemicals or enzymes, biodegradable and non-corrosive, the company says. The odor eliminator is itself odorless, and the stain remover is oil-free and non-allergenic. Both products come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Quattro Brands
(800) 618-7701

Electronic Trailer Odometer
Haldex Commercial Vehicle Systems’ new Electronic Odometer, an alternative to conventional mechanical hub odometers, gives you trailer odometer readings at the press of a button. And with an on-board battery, the e-Odomoter operates without vehicle power.

When the trailer is powered the e-Odometer can also verify sensor readouts. The unit mounts to the nose of the trailer for protection from damage, and an EGP cover adds additional protection, in addition to a level of data privacy.

This new product operates in conjunction with all Haldex PLC ABS products, including the PLC, PLC Select or PLC Plus.

Haldex Commercial Vehicle Systems

On/Off Road Tire

The new ST576 On/Off road all-position tire introduced by BFGoodrich Commercial Truck Tires has a robust four-belt construction for added protection against road hazards and improved retreadability, the company says. It is available in 11R22.5 and 11R24.5 sizes, both in Load Range H.

The ST576, which replaces the ST565, features a full-width protector ply to better shield the working plies against shocks and penetrations common in construction/mining, sanitation/refuse and logging uses. It also has extra sidewall protection, with curb guard and shoulder protection ribs for improved resistance against impacts, the company says, and the tread compounds are specially formulated to optimize tread life and resist the abrasion and cutting associated with O/O use.

BFGoodrich Commercial Truck Tires

Truck of the Week and MHC Kenworth-Joplin Mo. have teamed up to promote MCH Kenworth’s truck sales program through a special video feature called “Truck of the Week” on, an online driver recruiting company.

Each week a “Truck of the Week” video will be featured on’s home page. Potential buyers will have the opportunity to view streaming video of the current truck and learn about specific features and pricing from one of MHC Kenworth’s professional sales people.

MHC Kenworth
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