What do you think about the new hours-of-service changes?

John Kennedy
Huntington, Ind.
“It looks like it will make the truckstops and rest areas get full.”

Bill Park
Lorain, Ohio
“I don’t think it’s very good at all. It’s the same 70 hours a week, but 11 hours a day of driving. It’s going to make drivers want to cheat more.”

John Allen
Magnatran Corp.
Ethelsville, Ala.
“I have reservations about it, but I want to see how it will work in the real world. I’d prefer the way it is, though.”

Doug Rissman
Elburn, Ill.
“I don’t like them. They’re going to run out of truckstops for parking. Shippers and receivers are going to cut into driving time.”

Richard Chisolm
Frozen Foods Express
Charleston, S.C.
“It’s a mess. The truckstops are going to benefit because they’ll be jammed up, but it’ll be a big problem for receivers.”

Ron Seitz
Southern Refrigerated Transport
“It’s going to take some getting used to.”

Joe Houle
C Bean Transport
Pocola, Okla.
“It’ll work out for some people, but not OTR drivers. Other people can pull Winnebagos and horse trailers, but no one looks at how many hours they’ve been driving.”

Danny Shipman
Bill Keene Automotive Transport
Paragould, Ark.
“I think they’ll work out pretty good.”

Larry Roland
U.S. Express
Coffeeville, Miss.
“I don’t like them, because when you drop off your load, you’re through.”

Esteban Arevalo
Frozen Foods Express
San Antonio
“It’s going to eat up a lot of time. It’s bad enough already because we don’t have the time as it is.”

Chris Smith
Brown Wood
Louisville, Ky.
“Haven’t really thought about it. I’ll just go with the flow.”

Jim Shonkwiler
Packard Transport
Ellsworth, Wis.
“I think it’s a joke. I don’t think there’s much change in the rule.”

Eddie Vicuna
Truckers Express
San Antonio, Texas
“I’d like the guy who wrote it to ride with me and see how it works in the real world.”

Steve Whitworth
Superior Carriers
Marion, Va.
“I don’t know if it’ll affect me or not.”

James Pops
Extra Moves
Indianapolis, Ind.
“I believe it’s going to hurt the whole industry. Trucks will have to park for 34 hours at truckstops.”